Superheroes Highlight

The second set released during the Summer Of Heroes Campaign. The first theme "Superheroes" was renamed to "Extraordinary Heroes", maybe due to Copyright conflicts.



Captain Royal Set
Image Name Slot
1404.png Captain Royal's Mask Head
1407.png Captain Royal's Shirt Chest
1403.png Captain Royal's Lightning Gloves Hands
1402.png Captain Royal's Trousers Legs
1401.png Captain Royal's Speedy Boots Feet
1405.png Captain Royal's Shield Accessory
1406.png Captain Royal's Tool Bags Waist
2180.png Captain Royal's Speed Boost Widget



Metallo Set
Image Name Slot
1397.png Metallo's Plated Mask Head
1398.png Metallo's Armored Shirt Chest
1396.png Metallo's Hardened Gloves Hands
1424.png Metallo's Reinforced Pants Legs
1423.png Metallo's Rocket Boots Feet
1399.png Metallo's Robot Monkey Accessory
1400.png Metallo's Skull Belt Waist
2179.png Metallo's Rocket Jump Widget


Battlefield Heroes - Summer of Heroes - Super Heroes!01:36

Battlefield Heroes - Summer of Heroes - Super Heroes!

Super Heroes!

  • Captain Royal is obviously based on the new Captain America film.
  • Metallo most resembles Robocop, but there may be other comparisons. Iron Man differs in his red color and the full plated face. Magneto has no body armor but a cape and the helmet has a quite different shape.


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