Tier 1 Elite Specialist

The Tier 1 event is a promotional crossevent. It was designed to promote the release of Medal of Honor by allowing Battlefield Heroes players to play as Dusty(Royal) and Panther(National) from Medal of Honor by purchasing outfits based upon those of the Tier 1 operatives. The event added multiple new weapons and outfits like the Tier 1 Operative and Captain, that followed shortly after.



Tier 1 Elite Set
Image Name Slot
1261.png Tier 1 Elite's Cap Head
1262.png Tier 1 Elite's Glasses & Beard Face
1263.png Tier 1 Elite's Neck Wrap Neck
1264.png Tier 1 Elite's Shirt Body?
1265.png Tier 1 Elite's Gloves Hands
1266.png Tier 1 Elite's Combat Pants Legs
1267.png Tier 1 Elite's Combat Boots Feet
1268.png Tier 1 Elite's Harness Accessory



Specialist Tier 1 Set
Image Name Slot
1269.png Specialist's Tier 1 Bandana Head
1270.png Specialist's Tier 1 Face Paint & Beard Face
1271.png Specialist's Tier 1 Combat Vest Chest
1272.png Specialist’s Tier 1 Gloves Hands
1273.png Specialist's Tier 1 Pants Legs
1274.png Specialist's Tier 1 Combat Boots Feet
1275.png Specialist's Tier 1 Harness Accessory
1276.png Specialist's Tier 1 Combat Knife Waist


Battlefield Heroes meets Medal of Honor01:35

Battlefield Heroes meets Medal of Honor

Promotional video for the event

Some more Bundles:

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