Tier 1 Alternate Operative Captain

The Operative and Captain followed the Elite and Specialist sets as second part of the Medal of Honor crosspromotion. All four sets are looking very similar with their MW design, it finally became apparent that the trend for these kind of clothes came to an end. BF:Play4Free filled the demand of MW freeplayers, so Heroes returned slowly to it's wacky style over the Ghost OPS sets.



Tier 1 Operative's Set
Image Name Slot
1277.png Tier 1 Operative's Combat Helmet Head
1290.png Tier 1 Operative's Beard Face
1278.png Tier 1 Operative's Neck Wrap Neck
1279.png Tier 1 Operative's Jacket Chest
1280.png Tier 1 Operative's Timepiece Hands
1281.png Tier 1 Operative's Pants Legs
1282.png Tier 1 Operative's Combat Harness Accessory



Captain's Tier 1 Set
Image Name Slot
1284.png Captain's Tier 1 Cap Head
1285.png Captain's Tier 1 Scarf Neck
1286.png Captain's Tier 1 Jacket Chest
1273.png Captain's Tier 1 Pants Legs
1288.png Captain's Tier 1 Harness Accessory
1289.png Captain's Tier 1 Belt Waist


Some more Bundles:

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