Mega release with tons of items, weapons and Inland Invasion. There are a couple of items and need to be sorted first, furthermore there're still some unreleased ones.


David's D-Day Set
Image Name Slot
721.png David's D-Day Helmet Head
722.png David's D-Day Jacket Chest
723.png David's D-Day Trousers Legs
724.png David's D-Day Boots Feet
725.png David's D-Day Equipment Accessory
726.png David's D-Day Rifle Pack Accessory
727.png David's D-Day Radio Pack Accessory
795.png David's D-Day Extra Mags Accessory


Boris' Battleworn Set
Image Name Slot
698.png Boris' Battleworn Helmet Head
701.png Boris' Battleworn Jacket Chest
705.png Boris' Battleworn Pants Legs
706.png Boris' Battleworn Boots Feet
704.png Boris' Battleworn Equipment Accessory


Paul the Patcher's Set
Image Name Slot
816.png Paul the Patcher's Beacon Head
821.png Paul the Patcher's Jacket Chest
820.png Paul the Patcher's Pants Legs
817.png Paul the Patcher's Boots Feet
818.png Paul the Patcher's First-aid Accessory
819.png Paul the Patcher's Essentials Waist


Bonesetter's Set
Image Name Slot
707.png Bonesetter's Head Protector Head
708.png Bonesetter's Camo Jacket Chest
710.png Bonesetter's Camo Legs Legs
711.png Bonesetter's Surgical Boots Feet
709.png Bonesetter's Surgical Pack Accessory


Infiltrator's Set
Image Name Slot
826.png Infiltrator's Unit Insignia Head
728.png Infiltrator's Vanish Camo Face
827.png Infiltrator's Uniform Scarf Neck
18.png Infiltrator's Airbourne Jacket Chest
829.png Infiltrator's Slick Pants Legs
828.png Infiltrator's Running Shoes Feet
831.png Infiltrator's Emergency Toolkit Accessory


Intruder's Set
Image Name Slot
715.png Intruder's Helmet Head
716.png Intruder's Spare Helmet Head
717.png Intruder's Be Lost Paint Face
718.png Intruder's Shaded Jacket Chest
719.png Intruder's Shaded Pants Legs
731.png Intruder's Shaded Boots Feet
720.png Intruder's Radionics Accessory

General Monty's Set
Image Name Slot
833.png General Monty's Helmet Head
832.png General Monty's Necktie Body
836.png General Monty's Decorated Jacket Chest
835.png General Monty's Breeches Legs
834.png General Monty's Wellies Feet
837.png General Monty's Revolver Belt Waist
General Monty's Set
Image Name Slot
686.png Field Marshal's Hauteur Head
687.png Field Marshal's Adorned Chest Chest
688.png Field Marshal's Breeches Legs
685.png Field Marshal's Shiny Boots Feet


Ditch Crawler Set
Image Name Slot
804.png Ditch Crawler's Squaddie Helmet Head
809.png Ditch Crawler's Jacket Chest
808.png Ditch Crawler's Pants Legs
805.png Ditch Crawler's Boots Feet
806.png Ditch Crawler's Supply Accessory
807.png Ditch Crawler's Necessity Waist


Trench Runner Set
Image Name Slot
699.png Trench Runner's Spotted Helmet Head
700.png Trench Runner's Neckwrap Neck
702.png Trench Runner's Coat Chest
729.png Trench Runner's Plain Pants Legs
730.png Trench Runner's Boots Feet
703.png Trench Runner's Grenade Rack Accessory

Gordon's GI Set
Image Name Slot
822.png Gordon's GI Beret Head
825.png Gordon's GI Jacket Chest
824.png Gordon's GI Pants Legs
823.png Gordon's GI Boots Feet
Ralf's Recruit Set
Image Name Slot
689.png Ralf's Recruit Helmet Head
690.png Ralf's Recruit Jacket Chest
693.png Ralf's Recruit Pants Legs
694.png Ralf's Recruit Boots Feet
692.png Ralf's Recruit Radio Accessory
691.png Ralf's Recruit Equipment Waist

Barber Surgeon's Set
Image Name Slot
810.png Barber Surgeon's Beacon Head
815.png Barber Surgeon's Jacket Chest
814.png Barber Surgeon's Pants Legs
811.png Barber Surgeon's Boots Feet
812.png Barber Surgeon's First-aid Accessory
813.png Barber Surgeon's Essentials Waist
Manfred's Medical Set
Image Name Slot
695.png Manfred's Medical Protector Head
696.png Manfred's Medical Jacket Chest
697.png Manfred's Medical Pack Accessory

Wilhelm's Watcher Set
Image Name Slot
712.png Wilhelm's Watcher Helmet Head
713.png Wilhelm's Watcher Covering Head
714.png Wilhelm's Watcher Coat Chest
Ralf's Recruit Set
Image Name Slot
682.png Imperator's Visor Hat Head
683.png Imperator's Embellished Jacket Chest
684.png Imperator's Riding Pants Legs


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Battlefield Heroes - Veteran Heroes & Inland Invasion


  • The Imperator's set had it's availablitly before Christmas drops arrived of each piece elsewhere.
    • Imperator's Visor Hat was available in Claw, wich was rare to get due to claw's drop rate, making the Imperator's full set rare itself.
    • Imperator's Embelished Jacket was available in Treasure Chests, wich also had that time small chance of dropping unlimited items.
    • The last piece, Imperator's Riding Pants was available only in National Supply Drops


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