FB Banner Warfare Ninjas

Some new kind of ninjas have joined the battlefield on 11th of September! They nickname themselves Shadow Wolf and Crimson Naga and carry the old ancient art of fight together with new Cybernetic Technologies in order to prove that they are the best!

These sets were not sold as bundles, but were only available through Supply Drops



Shadow Wolf's Set
Image Name Slot
10327.png Shadow Wolf's Protection Chest
10330.png Shadow Wolf's Greaves Legs
10326.png Shadow Wolf's Face Mask Face
10331.png Shadow Wolf's Tabi Feet
10332.png Shadow Wolf's Swords Accessory
10329.png Shadow Wolf's Belt Waist
10328.png Shadow Wolf's Gloves Hands



Crimson Naga's Set
Image Name Slot
10334.png Crimson Naga's Torso Plate Chest
10335.png Crimson Naga's Greaves Legs
10333.png Crimson Naga's Headgear Neck
10338.png Crimson Naga's Swords Accessory
10336.png Crimson Naga's Boots Feet
10339.png Crimson Naga's Backup Plan Waist
10337.png Crimson Naga's Gloves Hands


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