Vehicle Mayhem Highlight

This update caused Vehicle Mayhem, literally. From 25th January 2012 on the streets will be dangerous like never before. The first peaces could be recieved via Claw, short time later the bundles below (without rares) were put in the store. The chance of getting unlimited items randomly in The Claw has been to low in common opinion and so Spare Parts Supply Drops were added in the Hot Deals on 3rd February. Not all of the special items are contained in the drop.

On the same day Fashion Victim Awards returned, it's still running to find the best fashioned wasteland hero.

All Mayhem Weapons are now out, they all are anti-vehicle orientated.



Road Ranger's Set
Image Name Slot
1560.png Road Ranger's Hoarhead Head
1584.png Road Ranger's Specs Face
1593.png Road Ranger's Filth Body
1561.png Road Ranger's Jacket Chest
1562.png Road Ranger's Gloves Hands
1565.png Road Ranger's Pants Legs
1566.png Road Ranger's Sure-foot Feet
1563.png Road Ranger's Backer Accessory
1564.png Road Ranger's Stash Waist
Special Items
1590.png Road Ranger's Metal Horn Head
1592.png Road Ranger's Biker Helmet Head
1585.png Road Ranger's Muddy Mohawk Head
1586.png Road Ranger's Mad Mohawk Head
1587.png Road Ranger's Dust Goggles Face
1588.png Road Ranger's Grit Mask Face
1589.png Road Ranger's Storm Cover Face
1591.png Road Ranger's Biker Scarf Face
1594.png Road Ranger's Wasted Eye Face
1581.png Carlos the Cucaracha Accessory



Track Hunter's Set
Image Name Slot
1567.png Track Hunter's Plume Head
1568.png Track Hunter's Mask Face
1649.png Track Hunter's Tattoos Body
1569.png Track Hunter's Rampart Chest
1570.png Track Hunter's Gloves Hands
1572.png Track Hunter's Tights Legs
1573.png Track Hunter's Toe-cap Feet
1574.png Track Hunter's Tyre Accessory
1571.png Track Hunter's Pouch Waist
Special Items
1650.png Track Hunter's Red Hot Mohawk Head
1651.png Track Hunter's Duskrider Mask Face
1653.png Track Hunter's Duskrider Goggles Face
1652.png Track Hunter's Feather Collar Neck
1654.png Track Hunter's Wing Skull Body
1583.png Lorenz the Lizard Accessory


Battlefield Heroes - Vehicle Mayhem (New Outfits & New Weapons)01:32

Battlefield Heroes - Vehicle Mayhem (New Outfits & New Weapons)

  • Although the theme was named "Vehicle Mayhem", the sets still are being called after their original title Wasteland Heroes.
  • As usual it seems they took a movie as template: Mad Max 2

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