Royal Wizards HighlightNational Wizards Highlight

The third couple of sets of the Summer of Heroes Campaign released the 20th July 2011. Unlike the previous two updates, this one comes along four instead of two sets. All of them go with a magical them, continuing the wacky path announced by David Simard.

The alternative Inferno's Burning and Arcane's Mystic sets were only accessible in the new Supply Drops called Pandora's Box. Frost's Biting Staff, the Wizard's Mark and Bane's Toxic Cane were only available in these drops.



Frost's Biting Set
Image Name Slot
1419.png Frost's Biting Mane Head
1422.png Frost's Biting Coat Chest
1418.png Frost's Biting Mitts Hands
1417.png Frost's Biting Pants Legs
1416.png Frost's Biting Boots Feet
1420.png Frost's Biting Staff Accessory
1421.png Frost's Biting Element Waist
2181.png Frost's Amassing Force Widget



Bane's Toxic Set
Image Name Slot
1434.png Bane's Toxic Hairstyle Head
1438.png Bane's Toxic Shirt Body
1435.png Bane's Toxic Coat Chest
1433.png Bane's Toxic Trousers Legs
1432.png Bane's Toxic Boots Feet
1436.png Bane's Toxic Cane Accessory
1437.png Bane's Toxic Essence Waist
2182.png Bane's Amassing Force Widget


Summer of Heroes - Wizards!01:32

Summer of Heroes - Wizards!

  • Of course the wizard theme refers to the last Harry Potter film 7 part 2. The Soundtrack has a touch of the Harry Potter theme, but this ain't sure.


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