Released together with Frost's Biting Set and Bane's Toxic Set 20th July 2011. In difference to those, Inferno and Arcane were only available randomly through the Pandora's Box. These mystical boxes could contain Bane's Toxic Cane, Frost's Biting Staff and the Wizard's Mark as well!



Inferno's Burning Set
Image Name Slot
1411.png Inferno's Burning Mane Head
1415.png Wizard's Mark Body
1414.png Inferno's Burning Coat Chest
1410.png Inferno's Burning Mitts Hands
1409.png Inferno's Burning Pants Legs
1408.png Inferno's Burning Boots Feet
1412.png Inferno's Burning Staff Accessory
1413.png Inferno's Burning Element Waist



Arcane's Mystic Set
Image Name Slot
1427.png Arcane's Mystic Hairstyle Head
1431.png Arcane's Mystic Shirt Body
1428.png Arcane's Mystic Coat Chest
1426.png Arcane's Mystic Trousers Legs
1425.png Arcane's Mystic Boots Feet
1429.png Arcane's Mystic Cane Accessory
1430.png Arcane's Mystic Essence Waist


  • Inferno has fictual origins of course, but he may resemble the antic god Helios.
  • Both sets are simply reskins of the original sets.

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