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"Shots fired from your SMG sets enemies on fire."

Burning Bullets, or "BB" as it is commonly abbreviated, is the most central Soldier ability and works rather like the Commando's Poisoned Blade save for the fact it can be enacted at longer ranges and deals more damage over less time. Burning Bullets temporarily replace the rounds in your Sub-Machine Guns with incendiary rounds which set the enemy on fire if they hit them. The ability can be used to deal extra damage to other playes, or to localize enemies through walls after you shot them. They are also commonly used to fend off snipers and enemies that use long-range pistols.

The introduction of the Fire-Proof Pants (Widget) in the Winter Armistice update greatly undermines this ability.

Royal Burning Bullets 2081.png 2086.png National Burning Bullets
Level 1/5 2/5 3/5 4/5 5/5
Damage Over Time 20 (4x5) 24 (4x6) 28 (4x7) 32 (4x8) 36 (4x9)
Duration 4 4 5 5 6
Refresh Time 15 15 13 13 10
Hits per Interval 6 (Burning Duration) / 1.5 (Burn Damage Intervall) = 4 hits

Hints Edit

  • Set commandos with Stealth on fire to make them much easier to follow and finish off. If you can't see the enemy on fire, you can still follow the numbers indicating damage inflicted to them from being on fire. It should be noted that when moving, the fire leaves a trail and can make the Commando hard to see. Also the character yells when it is on fire so it makes it much easier.
  • Use Burning Bullets to add extra kick to your gun when targeting snipers at range.
  • Burning Bullets can be used rather effectively with Blasting Strike against commandos.
  • Counteract the negative effects of Burning Bullets by healing or by activating Hero Shield as a Gunner or even Elixir as a Commando. However, you should time your Combat Medicine until the enemies' BB runs out (indicated by the flame icon over their head), because the same Soldier can set you on fire again after you've healed, leaving you defenseless to the damage over time.
  • This ability can do more damage if used with a fast firing weapon on a bunch of closely grouped enemies. Burning them all can rack up a good score and cause some confusion.
  • Burning Bullets can also be used on airplanes, jeeps, or copters and will burn everyone inside the vehicle. It is an easy way to get a lot of points in a short time, especially if there's more than one guy in the vehicle.
  • Burning Bullets can either be used with a short range weapon for massive damage, or applied for afar to weaken your enemies before they can shoot back. (The Warfighter guns are perfect for burning your enemies over longer ranges)
  • Burning bullets counts towards your ranking up.