Cain wrote the 11th January 2012:
Cain's Community Corner is my new show that aims towards bringing the Battlefield straight to you in a slightly different way. We will be filming regular shows and bringing you up to date news, community highlights, developer interviews and getting some of those most asked questions ANSWERED. (And who knows what other crazy stuff we might throw in?)

Cain's Community Corner - Questions and Suggestions!

Episode 1Edit

Cain's Community Corner - Episode 104:16

Cain's Community Corner - Episode 1

Unintentionally this video revealed Mr. Handsome when Cain makes his way through the office. At the end, the producer Pim Holve has been interviewed.

Episode 2Edit

Cain's Community Corner - Episode 205:56

Cain's Community Corner - Episode 2

A new face was chosen by the community during the developer presentations: Mr. Georgeus. She got a silver border as an analog to the golden border of Mr Handsome, who presents hisself with a false moustache. The todays special guest is the long term and well known lead designer HATE aka Colin Clarke.

Episode 3Edit

Cain's Community Corner - Episode 306:02

Cain's Community Corner - Episode 3

Mr. Handsome now is in charge to draw Cain's chair from dev to dev who present their gaming skills. The communty chosen dev this time was the "Goldminer" Kit Eklof. The video finishes off with interviewing Johan Husen and Cain hisself about the latest community questions.

Episode 4Edit

Cain's Community Corner - Episode 410:54

Cain's Community Corner - Episode 4

A lot of inside development facts, stories and know-how. You learn how the game is build up, get some time estimations and get some fast looks on the dev tools. Oskar Jansson has put much effort in a step-to-step modeling process presentation. The code pieces are very hard to detect, for example one is hidden in drawing.

Episode 5Edit

Cain's Community Corner - Episode 506:39

Cain's Community Corner - Episode 5

After the summer break there were a lot of changes going on and one of them being a new producer. The sad departure by Pim Holfve was followed by a warm welcome for Julien Dulioust, the one who promised the Metagame during the next 6 months beside other not less respectable features, changes and bugfixes. To come back on the episode, there were a couple of interviews of how the community influences the developing process and where the their ideas come from.

Episode 6Edit

Cain's Community Corner - Episode 604:24

Cain's Community Corner - Episode 6

Though the community mocked about the neat "pancakes vs waffles" survey, it was a funny idea and worth each second. Furthermore some a couple of questions were answered, left alone the Metagame statement. Merry Christmas everyone!

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