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Carlson's CrossbowEdit

Tactics and PlaystyleEdit

Anti-Air Gun Crossair This weapon has identical or major analogic behaviour to M16-203 Battle Rifle. Tactics, guides, playstyles and tips can be found over there and apply 1:1 here. To avoid redundant text and the need of updating each seperate page in case of changes, the current article won't include tactics and such.

If you disagree with this policy and/or have a better solution leave a comment here.

Model and SoundEdit

Unsurprisingly it looks like a Crossbow. The three round burst is highly unrealistic, but single shot weapons that are no explosives (Pirate Pistols) are hard to balance if it's possible at all. The Battle Rifles were a good approach of playstyle are are overally balanced, so its stats were taken.

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