Battlefield Heroes takes many of its strategic, class-based, team-orientated gameplay features from a range of games, while expanding upon then in unique, fun-orientated ways. The Battlefield Heroes gameplay stye is a cartoon based third person shooter.

The war beginsEdit

Beside the choice of the Faction and Class everyone got the possiblity to upgrade certain stats or inventory.


National Army
Royal Army

Battlefield heroes is a game that focusses on two factions:

  • The WWII Axis themed Nationals
  • The WWII Allied Nations themed Royals

Unlike many shooters Battlefield Heroes uses pre-determined teams. When a player makes a hero and assigns it to a team, the hero can't change sides. It is reccomended that the player create heroes for both factions to improve team match-ups and prevent team stacking.

There are no advantages of one side over another, though some argue that there are some terrain advantages on ceratin maps.


Battlefield heroes lends itself to three classes:

Each comes with their own skillset and attributes that expand the gameplay of these 3 classes.


Customization is a critical aspect to Battlefield Heroes gameplay. It gives the player a progressive element and gives the player the oppertunity to create a unique avatar, with unique abilities and weapons.

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XP Boost

With collecting XP you gain new Levels to earn Hero Points. Hero Points can be spent on new Abilities, and can be used to upgrade existing ones.

The levelling system combined with the ELO system is what gives hereoes a balanced game with fair Match Making whilst adding to th elongevity of the game. The levelling teaches players how to adapt their gameplay to enemies of increasing strength and skill, through allowing them to access a greater range of abilities whilst also allowing players to increase the effectiveness of their current abilities.

In giving players the freedom to upgrade the abilities they feel are helpful to their game, while matching them against players of the same skill level and access to hero points.


Prestige Rank Icon
Ranks are in-game titles awarded to the player for damaging the enemy. Heroes may be bestowed ranks once they have reached level 10. They give an indication of the amount of hits players have made on other players. They give no advantage too the player, though typically less experienced players will avoid conflict with players of a significantly greater rank adding a "fear-factor".



Like many of the Battlefield titles, there is a heavy emphasis on vehicle gameplay. They are used to cross the battelfield efficiently while placing the occupant(s) far from danger or at a considerable health advantage. As with the classes, the vehicles can be deterimental to the team when used inefficiently and they should be seen as a tool rather than a weapon or playstyle.

The four vehicles are:

*The AA Guns is a special form of vehicle that is completely static.



The game-modes in Battlefield Heroes take place over a range of sceneries usually with a few key fire-fight locations dotted across the map. These will usually surround the Conquest flags, though many of these battle zones spread out towards the advancing enemy. There is usually away for an observent player to circumnavigate these zones and flank the enemy from an unexpected angle. This is essential for taking on multiple targets.

The map generally contains 4 Conquest flags with some maps having a different objective. Two of these flags are usually taken early on by each of the two factions with the same two flags generally being the initial flags for each team.

Play then focuses on securing the flags (generally in the order of an approaching attack from the team's base) towards the enemy faction's initial spawn point.


Battlefield Heroes uses the Refractor Engine is a game engine that was designed by Stockholm-based studio Refraction Games. Since then, Refraction Games was bought by DICE, and with the Refraction Games team, designed and developed the Refractor 2 Engine for the Battlefield game series including Battlefield Heroes.

Battlefield Icon
Read more about Refractor on our Battlefield Partner Wiki

Damage and MovementEdit

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Match MakingEdit


Current matchmaking is based on the hero level. This system ensures that people can't be in servers against players with significantly higher levels, which carries with it greater skill and a greater number of Hero Points.


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