Winter ArmisticeEdit

The Christmas update 2009, also known as Winter Armistice included the most memorizing changes in BFH history. VP prices were raised, Super and Uber Weapons were intruduced and Terrific Health Tonic and Fantastic Fire Proof Underpants are the beginning of Widget dependency. Even the new map Sunset Showdown hasn't been enough attractive to calm down the community.



Winter Armistice reward card

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  1. Super and Uber Shotguns
  2. Super and Uber Knives
  3. Super and Uber Machine Guns
  4. Super and Uber Sub Machine Guns
  5. Super and Uber Rifles
  6. Super and Uber Pistols
  7. Super and Uber RPGs
  8. Santa Hats
  9. Kringle Green Hat / Podrick's Party Beak
  10. Red noses and new Widgets Terrific Health Tonic and Fantastic Fire Proof Underpants
  11. Snowman Hat
  12. Festival Holiday Cap and Frosty Face Paint
  13. Female Masks: Holly's Holiday Mask, Heather's Holiday Mask / Henrietta's Holiday Mask, Hilda's Holiday Mask
  14. Antlers/Horns
  15. New Emotes (Face Palm, "Fisticuffs", Use your Head)
  16. More New Emotes (I Dunno, Dirt Off Yo Shoulder, Airplane, Thumbs Down)
  17. Sunset Showdown Officially released!


To start with positive news: Battlefunds now have a SMS option! Available in MANY countries!

Beginning on the first of December 2009, the Winter Armistice was a special event on the Battlefield Heroes calender in which snow appeared on all the maps. Every day a new set of "tier two" weapons, Super and Uber series were released. These "tier two" weapons were better than normal or "tier one" weapons and had various advantages from greater magazine capacity to more chance of a critical hit. As such, unlike the Dapper and Stylish Weapons, the "second tier" weapons were, underneath the skins and meshes, slight better weapons compared to the bog standard.

The Winter Armistice also marked the change in valor point prices. The prices of valor point items dramatically rose on all weapons, clothing items, emotes and widgets. This, however, wasn't the crux of the problem. The biggest issue was the drop in rental times. Previous to the valor point price change heroes could rent a weapon for a week or a month. After the update this was one day or three days. Players were spending 150 valor points on a standard weapon for day over the old 50 valor points for a week!

At the same time as the soaring valor point inflation the price of battlefunds items dropped."Tier one" weapons fell to 210 battlefunds while their skinned cousins fell to the old price of 385, down from 630 battefunds. This caused a lot of commotion among the community because players had to play for hours on end just to have enough to afford a "Tier one" weapon when fee-paying heroes could spend a few dollars and buy a permanent one. Although "tier two" weapons were available for valor points, the price was so high (450 valor points) that players couldn't afford to rent them for a day without saving for almost a week. Next to the permanent and relatively cheap battlefunds option this seemed to most players like extortion. In 1 update, the casuallity of Battlefield Heroes was destroyed and now casual players are at the mercy of paying players.

Many players left the battlefield in protest and boycotted battlefunds weapons which turned the Winter Armistice into an actual armistice. The forums became an outpouring of negative feeling and DICE opened up a special thread for complaints which reached 260 pages before it fianlly died and was shut.


Victory Village Snow

Snow alteration of Victory Village, from 2009

You won't believe it. Your wish has come true on the great Christmas month of December. There is snow falling in battlefield heroes. Riverside Rush and Victory Village. Light Flurries with a frosty look on buildings.


Another addition of the Winter Armistice is the arrival of Honor Guards outfits which were released on the eighth day instead of a weapon.


The trend continued with them releasing Rodolph noses on the tenth along with two new widgets, an instant health recharge widget called Terrific Health Tonic and Fantastic Fire Proof Underpants which decrease burn damage. Other things released over the following days included reindeer horns and top hats and more freaky-looking female face masks.


The fifteenth finally marked an end of the strange Christmas clothes with the arrival of two new emotes per faction. Royals finally received the long asked for "facepalm" emote while nationals got a "use your head emote" instead. Both got "fisticuffs" emotes which is basically punching the area in front of you.


Sunset Showdown Wallpaper

The Winter Armistice also heralded the imminent arrival of the 6th map Sunset Showdown, a third vehicle-orientated map with tanks, jeeps and more planes than either Seaside Skirmish or Buccaneer Bay, the two previous vehicle maps. This map arrived, as predicted by many, on the 17th and final day of the Winter Armistice.



Overall though, the beginning of the festive season was characterized by anger and uncertainty resulting in a popular sig seen on the right

Ben Cousins wrote:
We encourage you guys to continue to give us feedback, but we have no plans whatsoever to return to the old VP/BF pricing.
Quick! Hide in the trenches! A great war between forum users, and EA break up in the forums. As the Winter Armistice Update Releases, fans get DEEPLY disappointed with the fact that EA will be releasing day by day new and more POWERFUL weapons for battlefunds. Signatures filled with hate towards EA, left most of the closed beta (R.I.P) foundation to leave Heroes. We remember Murpo, Siemper, and any other famous heroes at the time. Heroes say that they feel betrayed because as Ben Cousins said " We won't make you pay for stronger weapons, it's unfair and it goes against what we are promoting this game about." Valor Point item prices have now increased, draining peoples VP, leading them to higher chance of buying battlefunds. Battlefund items have now decreased!