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New awesomeness every day!Edit

Christmas Event Highlight
Theme Music Winter

  1. Santa's Holiday and Nikolaus' Wintry Sets, Rudolph Nose, Snowman Mask, Reindeer Horns [1]
  2. Scoped SOF M16 & AK74 [2]
  3. Winter Camo M-21 & SV98 [3]
  4. Scoped Artic PKM & M249 [4]
  5. Stolen/Pilfered BC2 weapons 40% off [5]
  6. Cope's Furious Bat & Bach's Bad Man Jacket [6]
  7. Stolen/Pilfered BC2 weapons 40% off [7]
  8. Dragon Lotus Style & Dancing Dragons [8]
  9. Crystal Lake Party Mask & Simon's Snappy Suspenders [9]
  10. Brown Bag of Shame & Peaks Boo Bag Suspenders [10]
  11. Maggards Knit Cap & Stout Sailors Knit Cap [11]
  12. Freddy's Flesh Wounds and Dangerous Dragon [12]
  13. Double Cross Ammo Belt & Reinhart's Raincoat [13]
  14. 3640 Battlefunds for the price of 2800 Battlefunds [14]
  15. Honor Guard and Honor Protector Sets Discount [15]
  16. Leather Whip and National Hi-Bye Shirt [16]
  17. Kris' Crooked Halo & Bernd's Blue Cap [17]
  18. Speedy Driver's Jacket & Sloan's Savvy Shirt [18]
  19. Kit's Quiver & Quick Quentin's Quiver [19]
  20. Bruno's Binoculars & Ice & Fire [20]
  21. Doo Rags & Victor's Visor/Bloody Scar/Werner's Weird Wizard Hat [21]
  22. Green Tank Top & Ferdinand's Fancy Fez [22]
  23. Speedy Driver's Helmet/Green Super Hero Mask & Black Super Hero Mask/Veteran's Head Bandage [23]
  24. Benny's Banjo & Pirate's Peg Leg [24]


Christmas Charity Bar
You've done it again heroes. You have blown us away, this time with the support you have shown for the Child's Play Charity, which helps provide video games for children in hospital.
To help further support this cause we setting a goal for the community to become real heroes this Christmas. If we reach $8,000 in community funding, we will add another $8,000 to the pot for Child's Play. That's an awful lot of games!

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