Christmas Calendar 2011

In the third and yet most sucessfull Christmas celebrations, many new elements were bringed to the game. Also, each day from 1st to 24th there'll be a free reward for everyone, additionally new items will brought to the store from time to time. The Advent Calendar has aswell returned, with new surprise everyday.

Daily Gifts Edit

The daily Rewards are 1 day trial christmas items, you can find a full list of them in this forum thread.

Santas Gift Reward

Santa's Gift
Grab your daily Santa's Gift and get some cool stuff for your Hero!

Nikolaus Gift Reward

Nikolaus' Gift
Grab your daily Nikolaus' Gift and get some cool stuff for your Hero!

BFH Royal Santa

Santa's Holiday Set

BFH National Santa

Nikolaus' Wintry Set

Christmas Visits Edit

New Supply Drops called Santa's Visit and Niklaus' Visit for 210 Battlefunds as usual, these Supply Drops contained additional stuff on top of the usual rewards. However, when free gifts recivied additional content, the payed ones remained untouched despite VitalBullet's tweet.

Calendar Edit


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