Battlefield Heroes - Christmas 201202:17

Battlefield Heroes - Christmas 2012

Hohoho Heroes, once again Santa and Niklaus bring some new gifts to the battlefield. As announced there were no free gifts exept the Freecam and a 1000 Valor Points code.

The other highlights definitly were the Workbench, unlimited Clothes and Weapons for VP and a Claw filled with the whole store.

I would say don't expect anything for free, so you won't complain :)

If you want the real truth, I am against anything given for free. Why? Because when you do that, people don't appreciate it as they did not have to work at all to earn it.

But if you are asking stuff for VP, in that case I am your man :) Rewarding people that play and enjoy the game, I am all for it.

So no, no free stuff for Christmas.


Advent CalendarEdit

  1. Santa's Holiday and Nikolaus' Wintry Sets
  2. Griever's Gift and Tarnished Treat Emotes
  3. Past holiday favourites
  4. Winter Balaclavas in Treasure Chests
  5. Workbench
  6. Cliffhanger and Alpiner Sets
  7. Festive Summer Items
  8. Misha Set
  9. Lumber Mill Fur Hat and Alpine Ushanka in Treasure Chest
  10. Ivan's Set
  11. 33% Discount on all Winter Camo Weapons
  12. Snow maps incl. Midnight Mayhem
  13. Flamethrowers
  14. Elf pets as top up gift
  15. Permanent clothing for Valor Points
  16. The Swarmer and The Rapid
  17. HUDless and FreeCam Feature
  18. Wilhelm's Watcher Covering and Wilhelm's Watcher Coat
  19. All store items permanent in the claw!
  20. Cain's Community Corner #6
  21. Frost Throwers
  22. Permanent Weapons for VP
  23. Festive Winter wear in the store
  24. Festive Fund Sale (+ 20%)
  25. 50% Discount (this was delayed)



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