Listen up Heroes,

The Holiday season is here and we are happy to let you know that we have a lot in store for you. So to kick things off, here is the Battlefield Heroes Holiday Season Store and Community Calendar. Be sure to read through it and save up all the important dates that you are looking forward to. Some deals will only last a short time, so be sure to pay extra attention to those. And more importantly, be sure to take part in our Holiday community events.

Happy Holidays!

Monday December 1st

   Store, Santa and Nikolaus sets
   Community, Daily Holiday Treasure Chest (ends on Monday December 22nd)
   Community, Daily Secret Santa (ends on Monday December 15th)

Tuesday December 2nd

   Store, Treasure chest update
   Community, T-shirt giveaway

Wednesday December 3rd

   Store, New Top Up gifts
   Community, Holiday Postcard Contest

Thursday December 4th

   Store, Snowboarder sets
   Community, Winter Fashion Victim Awards

Friday December 5th

   Store, -60% on Flannagan's Flame and Tobias' Toaster flame throwers (ends on Sunday December 7th)
   Community, Play with a blue

Monday December 8th

   Store, Cliffhanger Alpiner sets

Tuesday December 9th

   Store, Griefer Gift and Tarnished Treat

Wednesday December 10th

   Store, Holiday Season Emotes

Thursday December 11th

   Store, Frozen supplies

Friday December 12th

   Holiday Surprise (Early Access)
   Store, -60% on Colin's Cooler and Bruno's Blizzard frost throwers (ends on Sunday December 14th)

Saturday December 13th

   Community, Play with a blue

Monday December 15th

   Holiday Surprise for all players
   Store, Soldier slot sale (-50%)

Tuesday December 16th

   Store, Summer Holiday store items

Wednesday December 17th

   Store, Balaclavas
   Community, Monthly screenshot contest

Thursday December 18th

   Store, Nuclear Winter sets

Friday December 19th

   Store, -60% on The Frostbite and The Shivering Sniper Rifles (ends Sunday December 21st)
   Community, Play with a blue

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