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The dead space is the area surrounding maps on most Battlefield games. It is the large area of buffer ground around the edges of the map that will kill anyone who ventures there, whether by foot or vehicle. Leaving the main map activates an out-of-bounds timer which will kill you instantly if you don't get back to grounds within the time limit. It is often explained as desertion, as the "Dead Space" is outside the confines of the battlefield. This is fortified by the words "Get back to the fight!" or ones to similar effect.

The dead space is also used to prevent players from reaching enemy spawn sites by killing them if they try to approach the area and don't leave fast enough. These areas are shown on the map with a red boundary.

The default time allowed outsite is 15 seconds.

Aerial vs ground dead spaceEdit

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Faction specific vs global dead spaceEdit

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Planes and Sniping PointsEdit

As with previous games in the series, planes have less of a buffer zone which means they can fly out further without activating the out-of-bounds timer.

Many good sniping points such as the cliffs behind the lookout at Coastal Clash and the cliffs beside the Royal base at Victory Village require players to go through the dead space to get to the sniping points.


So far all Maps featuring the Conquest or HotH Game Mode use different dead space zones for each faction. Exeption is Morning Mayhem because there are neither flags nor rockets. CtF and Last Team Standing do not feature backbase protection.


  • Lunar Landing is the currently only map without faction specific dead space (considering all game modes per map).

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