Mission cat5
Deal of the Day Royal
Deal of the Day National
Date Item Name Note Item Name Note
1st 3026.png Carl's Super Cold Comfort 3019.png Ludwig's Uber Loaded
2nd 167.png Caddy Cap 544.png Teutonic Tourist Sun Cap
915.png Nerd Glasses 152.png Shiny Monocle
1146.png Bruno's Binoculars 433.png Simon's Snappy Suspenders
3rd 1301.png VC Hunter's Headband 1269.png Specialist's Tier 1 Bandana
143.png Dark Green Scarf 1254.png Savage Sly's Tattered Top
33.png Green Tank Top 1293.png GOS Dark Ops Harness
1268.png Tier 1 Elite's Harness
4th to 6th 3110.png Pilfered Rudolf's Uber Rescue 3103.png Stolen Tommy's Super Typewriter
3109.png Pilfered The Uber Wacky Machine Gun 3101.png Stolen Greg's Super Greasy Gun
7th 515.png Green Super Hero Mask 510.png Black Super Hero Mask
1405.png Captain Royal's Shield 1399.png Metallo's Robot Monkey
8th 191.png Terry's Fury 598.png Victor's Visor
386.png Chester’s Cheek Paint 494.png Golden Sunglasses
463.png Chester's Collared Shirt 324.png Sloan's Savvy Shirt
1144.png Cope's Furious Bat
9th 427.png Fuerte's Facemask 24.png Regular Blue Jacket
5012.png Chicken 5005.png Laugh
10th 22.png Mechanic's Green Shirt 504.png Veteran's Arm Bandage
332.png Mechanic's Green Trousers 505.png Veteran's Leg Bandage
2150.png Supreme Wrench 2005.png Supreme Bandage
11th to 13th 3172.png Royal's Dapper Knife Royal Commando's Dapper Weapons Pack 3173.png Konrad's Stylish Knife National Commando's Stylish Weapons Pack
3162.png Garreth Dapper Custom 3167.png Florenz' Stylish Flurry
3165.png Pipsqueak's Dapper Popper 3170.png Stefan's Stylish Sharpshooter
14th 1380.png Jack's Swashbuckler Coat 1390.png Blackbeard's Buccaneer Coat
1383.png Jack's Swashbuckler Dual Pistols 1391.png Blackbeard's Buccaneer Belt & Pistol
15th 158.png Churchill's Chew 169.png Petyr's Piece
9020.png Fantastic Fire Proof Underpants 9020.png Fantastic Fire Proof Underpants
16th 3161.png Bernie's Dapper Bone Chewer Royal Gunner's Dapper Weapons Pack 3166.png Wolfgangs Stylish Wonderful National Gunner's Stylish Weapons Pack
3163.png Stewart's Dapper Shotty 3168.png Friedrich's Stylish Fly Swatter
3160.png Dapper Tank Buster 3171.png Faust's Stylish Panzerfist
17th 270.png Stupid Shirt 297.png Stupid Shirt
5025.png Face-palm 5026.png Use your head
18th to 20th 404.png Linkin's Night Cap Linkin's Set created and released as a Deal of the Day 435.png Ferdinand's Fancy Fez
374.png Linkin's Lobes 200.png Formal Red Jacket
402.png Linkin's Tunic
453.png Templar Broad Sword
533.png Comfy White Trousers
382.png Linkin's Traveler Boots
21st 3162.png Garreth Dapper Custom Royal Soldier's Dapper Weapons Pack 3167.png Florenz' Stylish Flurry National Soldier's Stylish Weapons Pack
3163.png Stewart's Dapper Shotty 3168.png Friedrich's Stylish Fly Swatter
3164.png Tommy's Dapper Typewriter 3169.png Rudolf's Stylish Rescue
22nd 449.png Bullseye Cap 543.png Kill-Count Hat
517.png Bull's Eye 506.png Dead Eye's Patch
23rd 5032.png GOOAAL! 5032.png GOOAAL!
5034.png Ejected! 5034.png Ejected!
5033.png Close! 5033.png Close!
2159.png Sarge's Fun-Time Football 2160.png Sarge's Fun-Time Football
24th 1129.png Haggard's Heroic Hat 171.png Suave Style Hat
1007.png Smooth Hat 205.png National Trooper Hat
305.png Captain's Hat 360.png Sky Officer's Hat
203.png Royal Trooper Hat 170.png Kertz's Classy Hat
1381.png Jack's Swashbuckler Hat 1389.png Blackbeard's Buccaneer Hat
25th to 27th 1014.png Royal Paratrooper's Hat Commando pack, imitating the Royal Commando from the official art images. 543.png Kill-Count Hat Commando pack, imitating the National Commando from the official art images.
238.png Dep's Perception Patch 55.png Kommendant's Coat
3186.png Royal Super Knife 3187.png Konrad's Uber Knife
28th 149.png Royal Ammo Belt 148.png National Ammo Belt
150.png Waist Ammo Belt 151.png Waist Ammo Belt
29th 2181.png Frost's Amassing Force 2182.png Bane's Amassing Force
30th 398.png Karate Gi 478.png Ken's Red Gi DoTD #1
397.png Karate Trousers 536.png Dancing Dragons
353.png Drago's Desert Cap DoTD #2, available for some hours during the same day at the same time, includng new unreleased items
298.png Hardy's White T-Shirt
63.png Elite Pockets

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