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National pirate keg

Blackbeard's Detonating Brew

Royal Pirate keg

Jack's Detonating Brew

The Detonating Brew closely resembles an Explosive Keg that will only explode when shot, similar to the Festive Eggs that are available every Easter. They are part of the Buccaneer Sets, which included 50 barrels. This item has been recently added to store and is now available for purchase.


The keg has the same behaviour as the Explosive Keg, upgraded to level 2/5.

  • Explosion Radius: 10
  • Explosion Force: 15
  • Explosion Damage: 40

Differences are:

  • Cooldown time: 45 seconds
  • Duration: 90 seconds
  • Cannot be eaten by IEG
  • Explodes by shooting only
  • No slowing effect or any other effects
  • Does 20 burning damage over 6 seconds, 5 damage every 1.5 second


  • The symbols on the barrels indicate the Faction.
  • The texture is borrowed from the Explosive Keg, except for a few details, such as the symbols.
  • This widget will deal a heavy blow to gunners on the battlefield.

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