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Tactics and PlaystylesEdit

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This device heals a nearby ally for 12HP per hit, although the first hit gives 24 hp.

If the targeted ally has full HP, you will apply a small bonus shield which can be seen as a yellow glow. This shield has a maximun value of 30HP and it's glow will make sheathed commandos to be visible for the enemy, so its recommended to not overheal commandos. Overhealing will cause yourself to be also healed for a small amount, use this is as a way to get some HP if you can't use bandages or CM yet.

Don't waste your CM if you are close enough to a ally and not in combat. Using the needle you can heal 35Hp with the first 2 hits and keep CM for a real fight.

Each heal done with this weapon will count towards your battle (and warroom) score, and its a great way to get easy experience points at low levels while supporting your teammates.

Dr. Ned's Needle can't be workbenched but it comes with a built-in "Hey! I'm here and I can heal you!" emote to make others notice of your presence on the secondary fire button.

With this in your equipment bar you can see enemy health bars without SS,

Model and SoundEdit

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