A Commando escaping with Elixir

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"Increase your run speed for a short time"


Elixir is a Commando ability typically used as a means of escape. It gives the Commando a short burst of speed as well as a shield. During the first four or five seconds of activating the ability, the Commando will leave behind a large gust trail of smoke, temporarily blinding his opponents but also attracting attention. After the smoke effect subsides, however, the fleeing Commando will leave behind a thin white trail, which can be used to pinpoint the Commando's position. This thin, white trail is especially visibile at night. Elixir also creates a large, blue aura around the user, making him very visible even while in stealth.

Leveling the Elixir allows for a longer running duration, a faster refresh time, and a stronger shield. Leveling the Elixir does not increase the running speed. At level five, Elixir can provide the Commando with a powerful shield against enemy bullets, poisoned blade and burning bullets.


Royal Elixir 2041.png National Elixir
Level 1/5 2/5 3/5 4/5 5/5
Shield Value 10 15 20 25 35
Duration 5 7 9 11 13
Refresh Time 15 15 13 13 10


  • It is essential for a successful knifer, as it provides a means of escape and defense.
  • If the enemy manages to escape or somehow puts too much distance between the two of you, Elixir can be used to catch up with them.
  • Some knifers have used Elixir to run around their enemy, making themselves harder to kill.
  • Snipers often use Elixir to move from one sniping location to the next.