Sunset showdown

Sunset Showdown

The Battlefield Heroes environment is typical to the Battlefield series. A sequence of Conquest Points joint with localised fighting zones, connected by vast expanses of territory with multiple paths between areas of heavy fire. This accommodates to the strategy required to flank enemies, quickly and effectively use Abilities and toggling between Weapons to devastate opponents by surprise.

General Map DesignEdit


Overview of a night time map

Maps are typically key points liked by large spaces, this is to give use to the vehicles and to increase the opportunities for the player to flank the opposition whilst also challenging the player to watch out for threats.

Almost all maps incorporate a water element and the old nomenclature used to be soley based on these elements.

Maps includes the Dead Space, a region in which the hero can only spend a limited amount of time in before they are killed, their night versions (the same maps in a night time setting), snow maps (maps featuring snow) and their Game Modes, typically Conquest but also V2 Vengeance and King of the Hill.

National and Royals both have an initial spawn point. This is usually accompanied by a static flag that bears the faction's emblem. Play then progresses to the first two control points from the player. Once the game is "set-up" and both teams have their two closest capture points, the central fire fight begins.

This fire-fight will be where most players gravitate to, but a skilled hero will take some time to consider the best path to the battlefield. Avoiding snipers and direct fire from vehicles and gunners is essential. Trying to remain out of sight for as long as possible is critical in terms of how successful the player will be when approaching the enemy.

For more details on this topic, see Maps.

Vehicle ElementsEdit

National Plane Front View

Planes can be win and lose games

Though important to the player in their own right, vehicles are an important map feature to use and abuse. Making use of vehicles effectively is critical, since walk speed is slow in heroes. Use vehicles with passengers to get to the battle faster and with more numbers.

The maps are littered with indirect side routes. Take these to get to the enemy from behind.

Get to know how to take down enemy vehicles. Every class can deal with every vehicle, as can every vehicle deal with every class and every other vehicle. Taking down enemy vehicles will slow down there movements and could give you more than one kill.

Taking an enemy vehicle can be devastating to the opposition critical vehicles like tanks and planes are very limited, exploit the enemies moments of delay, take a vehicle and use it for yourself. Your team will gain a tank while reducing the number of tanks to deal with.

For more details on this topic, see Vehicles.

Combat tipsEdit

Closed Beta Gameplay

Take the road less travelled

Cover is an important part of every game. Many classes utilise abilities that make use of indirect combat. Place troop traps in difficult to spot areas, plan trajectories for your grenade spams after determining where the enemy is thickest. The Keg and the hand grenade can be devastating when used effectively.

Move around behind cover to avoid being harassed by snipers. Use walls and corners to prepare for knifing and close range combat.

The soldier's sixth sense ability can be very powerful when enemy movements are unseen, use on maps with tight corridors and multiple out of the way paths.

A weapon's effectiveness is directly proportional to the range it is used at. Get used to judging how far an enemy is before attacking. An enemy caught off guard will begin to move away from you. Make sure he is well into your weapons effective range so that you can continue laying down fire without him slipping too far away. Don't forget to step back if your weapon struggles at short-range. Fights involving short-range weapons are short-lived. Don't charge in if you are dealing maximum damage and your enemy is not displacing himself from you.

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