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New Golden Weapons, plenty of jerseys and the good old face paints.


Jerseys played the most important role as they were the only 'tool' to obtain 2012 Golden Weapons. Like Facepaints, the Jerseys were all available with giant discount in the first stage descending until Post Event, where Jerseys could be obtained only in full price.

On the first day of Euro 2012 Event, a special Deal of the Day was released containing all of the Jerseys, securing these who bought the bundle on their hero automatically free Golden Gun.

Image Name Comment
1893.png Croatia Jersey Temporally
1894.png Czech Republic Jersey Temporally
1902.png Poland Jersey Temporally
1904.png Ireland Jersey Temporally
1905.png Russia Jersey Temporally
1907.png Sweden Jersey Temporally
1908.png Ukraine Jersey Temporally
1896.png England Jersey Temporally
1898.png Germany Jersey Temporally
1901.png Netherlands Jersey Temporally
1903.png Portugal Jersey Temporally
1900.png Italy Jersey Temporally
1899.png Greece Jersey Temporally
1895.png Denmark Jersey Temporally
1906.png Spain Jersey Temporally
1897.png France Jersey Temporally
Image Name Comment
1909.png Croatia Jersey Temporally
1910.png Czech Republic Jersey Temporally
1918.png Poland Jersey Temporally
1920.png Ireland Jersey Temporally
1921.png Russia Jersey Temporally
1923.png Sweden Jersey Temporally
1924.png Ukraine Jersey Temporally
1912.png England Jersey Temporally
1914.png Germany Jersey Temporally
1917.png Netherlands Jersey Temporally
1919.png Portugal Jersey Temporally
1916.png Italy Jersey Temporally
1915.png Greece Jersey Temporally
1911.png Denmark Jersey Temporally
1922.png Spain Jersey Temporally
1913.png France Jersey Temporally


Unlike the Football Fiesta, these Facepaints were purely made to compliment the Jerseys and haven't got any role in obtaining Golden Guns.

Image Name Comment
1831.png Croatia War Paint Temporally
1832.png Czech Republic War Paint Temporally
1833.png Poland War Paint Temporally
1834.png Republic of Ireland War Paint Temporally
1835.png Russia War Paint Temporally
1836.png Sweden War Paint Temporally
1837.png Ukraine War Paint Temporally
Image Name Comment
1838.png Croatia War Paint Temporally
1839.png Czech Republic War Paint Temporally
1840.png Poland War Paint Temporally
1841.png Republic of Ireland War Paint Temporally
1842.png Russia War Paint Temporally
1843.png Sweden War Paint Temporally
1844.png Ukraine War Paint Temporally


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