Explosive Jumping is a commonly practiced means of getting from Point A on the ground, to Point B, which is generally above Point A. It has its roots in other games, and Heroes is a game that encourages the jumps as opposed to wanting to hinder them. This procedure can be used to seat yourself on a nice house's roof, letting you fire down on your enemies. A more team-hindering way is to use a plane, though they are not always available. Another alternative is the use of a jetpack, that costs either a couple of VP or Funds.

TNT JumpEdit

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Troop Trap JumpsEdit

Commandos can use troop traps to launch themselves great distances by detonating them with a pistol or rifle. This will only work if it is your own troop trap.

Troop trap jumping is exactly what it sounds like: Jumping by using a troop trap. To do so you have to place a troop trap on the ground, wall, or any other structure, crouch as close as you can, aim and shoot the trap. Doing so will shoot you HIGH into the air. If you do this correctly, you could reach otherwise inaccessable sniping areas without the need of a vehicle, Like the cliffs next to the royal base at Victory Village which can only be accessed by troop trap jumping (unless your a very good jeep driver). You can also use troop trap jumping to get on top of the roofs of the houses at Riverside Rush.

Keg and Rocket JumpsEdit

Often used in conjunction with a well-timed rocket, Keg Jumps are a means for Gunners to reach high places not normally accessable (though a regular rocket jump will work well for reaching the tops of certain buildings). This is because Kegs also toss around people who are in mid-air when they explode (combined with the force of a rocket, which always tosses the user around as well, a Keg jump can bring a player to great hights rivaled only by a troop trap jump and even grenade jumps )

Rocket Jumps are similar to a Keg jump, only using the Tank Buster by itself rather than with a Powder Keg. This actually has its roots far beyond BFH, going as far back as the early Doom games (where a regular jump wasn't possible) as a bug. In less realistic games, such as Heroes and TF2, Rocket Jumps are used to reach untold heights - such as the roofs of houses or otherwise-unreachable cliffs - allowing the Rocket Jumper to fire down on his enemies by using a height advantage. Unlike most other games, Rocket Jumps in Heroes don't damage yourself, meaning that a Gunner can quickly get in and out of harms way with a good jump.

Grenade Launcher JumpEdit

The Soldier was stuck on the ground in respects to explosive jumps excluding Sticky TNT and Grenade Jumps due to their weakness, till the introduction of the Grenade Launchers. Commandos also use this when they want to get high in the air and snipe.

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Chimera jumpEdit

Throw dynamite onto a wall, quickly place a troop trap near it & sit a keg into the same area, then fire a rocket at the same area once the dynamite explodes for a really high & far jump.