The "Fantastic Fireproof Underpants" widget is just that, it heals damage done to you by damage-over-time fire.It is non applicable (comparable to XP and VP boosts), and every round you play counts as a use.This widget heals all but 1 damage of fire immedietly after a part of the damage-over-time is taken.

Currentley there are 3 ways to cause damage-over-time fire.

  1. The Soldier ability Burning Bullets .
  2. The widgets, Bruce's Firebomb and Sly's Super Bomb, released in the Action Heroes update.
  3. The widgets, Santa's Surprise and Nikolaus' Surprise, released in the 2010 Winter update.


  • This widget provides no change in appearance. So it doesn't act as a clothing item, despite the promising name.
  • It was originally released on the 10th day of the Winter Armstice update.
  • When the widget was originally released it exclusively targeted the soldiers (due to their aforementioned ability), and caused an uproar among the community. Since then opposition has dwindled and few still use the widget.