Boom-Box Highlight

After this Widget has been in the files for more than a year, it finally has been released on 30th December 2011 right before new year's eve within a store bundle. The offer expired the 2nd January at 9 am.

2163.png Festive Firework (Royal) 2164.png Festive Firework (National)


  • M32 MGL (Lasts forever)
  • Festive Firework (25 uses)
  • Bruce's Firebomb (25 uses)
  • Santa's Surprise (25 uses)
  • Festive Egg (25 uses)
  • Jack's Detonating Brew (25 uses)


  • MGL 140 (Lasts forever)
  • Festive Firework (25 uses)
  • Sly's Super Bomb (25 uses)
  • Nikolaus' Surprise (25 uses)
  • Festive Egg (25 uses)
  • Blackbeard's Detonating Brew (25 uses)


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