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SneakySkorzeny P1

A National Hero with a Tier One basic pistol

First Tier weapons are weapons series that have the same stats as the original basic weapons and include the orginal Royal Army and National Army weapon sets as well as the Dapper and Stylish Weapons. It also stretches to include the "Stolen" weapons, the "Pilfered" weapons and the Dapper and Stylish versions.

Tier One weapons have lesser stats then the Second Tier weapons like the Super and Uber Weapons, Bad Company 2 Weapons, Golden Weapons, and as a result, cost much less in both valor points and battlefunds.

Unbeknownst to most players, Tier One weapons and Tier Two weapons actually differ very little. Tier One weapons only have a lower critical hit chance and a smaller amount of rounds. With snipers, they have more recoil than that of Tier Two weapons.



A Royal clutching a standard-issue pistol

The original set of Royal Army and National Army weapons are the biggest weapons series available, markedly bigger than the next biggest, the Second Tier Super and Uber Weapons, in that they contain Grenades and Sticky TNT. In fact, they were the only weapons series available until the Riverside Rush update bought with it the Dapper and Stylish Weapons. The standard Royal weapons, and the "Dapper" weapons, are now considered to be Tier One weapons as they are inferior to newer sets such as the Super and Uber Weapons, the Bad Company 2 Weapons and the Golden Weapons.

MeinCookie SMG2

A National Soldier with a standard-issue SMG

Standard Royal Weapons

  1. Maxwell's Machine Gun/Machine Gun/Medium Range/Long Rapid Fire
  2. Charlie's Chopper/Sub-Machine Gun/Medium Range/Rapid Fire
  3. Royal Knife/Knife/Very Short Range/Stab
  4. Oscar's Farshot/Sniper/Very Long Range/Single Shot
  5. Sticky TNT/Explosive/All Ranges/Timer Bomb
  6. Harry's Hand Cannon/Pistol/Long Range/Single Shot
  7. Carl's Cold Comfort/Pistol/Medium Range/Single Shot
  8. Garreth Custom/Pistol/Short Range/Burst Shots

Standard National Weapons

  1. Rudi's Ridiculous/Machine Gun/Medium Range/Long Rapid Fire
  2. The Kommandant/Sub-Machine Gun/Medium Range/Rapid Fire
  3. Konrad's Knife/Knife/Very Short Range/Stab
  4. The Gourmet/Sniper Rifle/Very Long Range/Single Shots
  5. Sticky TNT/Explosive/All Ranges/Timer Bomb
  6. Gerhardt's Greatest/Pistol/Long Range/Single Shots
  7. Ludwig's Loaded/Pistol/Medium Range/Single Shot
  8. Florez's Flurry/Pistol/Short Range/Burst Shots