Football Fiesta News

It has been the summer event 2010; the football world cup in Africa. According to the starting countries, one Facepaint has been availible for 140BF.


Battlefield Heroes - Football Fiesta01:44

Battlefield Heroes - Football Fiesta

Football Fiesta Highlight
  • Group 1

South Africa, Mexico, Uruguay, France

  • Group 2

Argentina, Nigeria, Korea Republic, Greece

  • Group 3

England, USA, Algeria, Slovenia

  • Group 4

Germany, Australia, Serbia, Ghana

  • Group 5

Netherlands, Denmark, Japan, Cameroon

  • Group 6

Italy, Paraguay, New Zealand, Slovakia

  • Group 7

Brazil, Korea DPR, Cote d'Ivore, Portugal

  • Group 8

Spain, Switzerland, Honduras, Chile

Group StageEdit

During the group stage new stuff was revealed every week. This includes new musical emotes, flares and footballs.

Elimination RoundsEdit

The pilfered and stolen versions of the Super/Uber and BC2 weapons were introduced during the Elimination Rounds. The Factions were assigned to the competeting teams and for the winning team/faction the price of the Pilfered and Stolen Weapons was lowered by 50%. The loosing team got the opposing weapon for the full price.


The special offer for the winner of the Play-offs (Germany vs. Uruguay) wasn't a weapon like in the other matches, but a Pet bunlde containing the either the scorpion and parrot or monkey and turtle.

  • Royal Pet Bundle (limited)
  • National Pet Bundle (limited)

The special offer for the Finals was the Pilfered AK-74 or Stolen M16.

  • Spain: Pilfered AK-74 (limited)
  • Netherlands: Stolen M16 (limited)

All Heroes who got a facepaint of the winning country (Spain) got a very rare Golden Weapon AND a Golden Medal.

Heroes with the facepaint of Netherlands got a silver and with a German one a bronze medal.

Royal Medal National
1223.png Gold Football Medal 1226.png
1224.png Silver Football Medal 1227.png
1225.png Bronze Football Medal 1228.png

Euro 2012Edit

New and old facepaints and jerseys were sold for the participating countries during the europeen championship 2012. New golden versions of Super and Uber Weapons can be won by buying the jersey that will win the cup. Facepaints do not count this time and no medals will we awarded.

For more details on this topic, see Euro 2012.

Football Fiesta 2014Edit

Only Warpaints were introduced this year, however new football sets have been mentioned and have appeared. Both old and new facepaints were sold for chance of getting Pilfered or Stolen version of 2010's golden guns! No medals were awarded, but if you own a facepaint from previous years, it counts! A small number of new facepaints were released to cover all the teams, as well as large facepaint bundle!

Image Name Comment
10506.png Belgium War Paint Temporally
10507.png Bosnia and Herzegovina War Paint Temporally
10508.png Colombia War Paint Temporally
10509.png Costa Rica War Paint Temporally
10510.png Ecuador War Paint Temporally
10511.png Iran War Paint Temporally
Image Name Comment
10512.png Belgium War Paint Temporally
10513.png Bosnia and Herzegovina War Paint Temporally
10514.png Colombia War Paint Temporally
10515.png Costa Rica War Paint Temporally
10516.png Ecuador War Paint Temporally
10517.png Iran War Paint Temporally


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