Formers of EAsy and some profiles of very known ones beside Ex-Community Team members.

Complete ListEdit

Johny Mang Tina Wellner Thomas Joubert Bernadet Bonomi Per Bonomi Rommy Ghaly Ben Cousins Bjarne Rene Åsa Carlsson Aleksander Grøndal Gustav Tilleby Martin Hultman Göran Lundin Nicolas Nolby David Telenius Marcus Andrews Björn Sundell Inge Jøran Holberg Cristian Pavel Tomas Eriksson Matthew Draper William Ravaine Johan Yveborg Jesper Carlsson Christoffer Björklund Andreas Fredriksson Emanuel Lönnberg Lie Fujita Anders Pettersson Lars Johannesson Stefan Vucanovic Johan Ramström Kim Fredriksson Steven 'Ed' Herft Martin Åkesson Robert Sammelin Nadab Goksu Jonas Levin Tobias Hogstrand Angel Navarro Ben Minto Mari Saastamoinen Nathan Clay Simon Hansson Evan Vrocharis Kristian Moström Jonas Thörnquist Jeff Minard David Simard Patrik Johansson Johan Dalborg Mattias Fliesberg Daniel Löfmark Fredrik Hellström Anders Karlsson Andreas Lanjerud Fredrik Westlund Buster Blom Fernando Galano Pablo Maceri Mauro Gonzalez Pablo Andermann Mauro Chojrin Andres Soca Lozano Carolina Subotovsky Federico Wachs Ximena Gonzalez Ignacio Arias Leonardo Billiani Santiago Diaz Tobias Nordström Carl-Johan Crafoord Anders Antila Mario Eklund Erik Nahkala Frenne Hirani Alexander Gustavsson Alberto Jeldez Kalle Eriksson Nicklas Johansson Sebastian Lindqvist Calle Winberg Simon Barle Lennie Hakola Oscar Vilhelm Flohr Mikael Abrahamsson Oskar Burman Roger Edgren Pim Holfve Lars-Erik Stenholm Mattias Unger Magnus Runesson

Account AssignmentEdit

No warranty on accurray and completeness!

Many are listed here or share developer groups. Others took part in contests like spot a dino or spot a dev. They are presumed to be inactive, move them otherwise to their correct page and assign the person.

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Oskar BurmanEdit

Oskar Burman
Ex-General Manager of EAsy (both BFH and P4F)

What do you do on the EASY titles?
As a General Manager, I’m responsible for Easy Studios, and that we do well within the big EA Corporation, so far people seem to like our games and my job is to find ways for us to continue prosper and create great games. But many days it feels like I mostly read/write emails, so I guess I should change my title to General Emailer!

Pim HolfveEdit

Pim Holfve
What do you do on Battlefield Heroes?
I’m the new Producer. That pretty much means I’m in charge of the development and future of the Heroes.


Ex-Cheat Support, has been responsible for reviewing cheat evidence

Dave SimardEdit

Ex-Producer, retired for private reasons aka job as Senior Designer under B.Cousins at ngmoco. Previously has been assigned as web producer.

Jeff MinardEdit

Jeff Minard
Web Producer

for the Official Website of Battlefield Heroes. In April 2008, he has published a Developer-Blog (now broken) entry were he has talked about some updates on the website.

Aleksander Svendsen GrøndalEdit

Ex-Producer, moved to P4F
  • Title: The Middle Man
  • Account: Aleks

Ben CousinsEdit

Ex-General Manager, retired from EA end of March 2011, now General Manager at ngmoco
On the 14th March 2011, Ben Cousins released his very informative Paying to win presentation (Forum Thread), handling the Free-2-Play Pay-2-Enjoy gap.
On March23th some other breaking news were published by B.C.: "EA free-to-play exec: $60 games are "exploitative"". His quoted statement started rumors about being fired in the close future... One week later he quitted his job as General Manager at EAsy.

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