Fortress Frenzy (FF) is the 12th Battlefield Heroes map, released as part of Battlefield Heroes 3rd birthday anniversary.

Fortress Frenzy is an infantry map set in a medieval environment, featuring a castle with a small mountain town close by. The castle and the statue in the middle of the town square serves as the main landmark of this map.

Game modesEdit

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There are 3 flags on this map; The Outpost, Backyard and the Village flag. Thou that the map is based of the castle as main battle area (or the town square), there aren´t any flags there. However, Fortress Frenzy is a small map and the small alleys are great use when you are sneaking around as a commando and stealing flags and kills. The streets are also quite large and the fights in the town square can be very providing to gunners with their big amount of health.


This flag is directly below the lone tower, close to the castle. It lays in the eastern part of the map and the "Outpost" is a small house, laying next to the hill the tower stands on. This hill is often used by snipers (mostly royals, but sometimes nationals can overrun the place) so stealth is advised if you know that you have enemies on you. People tend to gather here.

Hard to defend, easy to capture. The capture area is very big and you even can get in there by standing on the castle wall close to the flag. The spawn points are very open. On the plus side, it's the best opportunity to hold the castle.


The Village flag is almost in the middle of the map, and it's surroundings is mainly houses and alleyways, useful for counterstrikes at the flag guards. There is a pile of wood close to the flag which is commonly used as a hiding place when fetching the flag. Behind this heap of wood is a hole in the wooden fence, that people tend to miss. Usually the first flag that get taken, if not the outpost flag is.

Keep moving! As soon as you spawn check every corner and passage for a camping enemy and avoid stepping in the open. The castle is your main concern as a couple of explosives will rain down from there. If you wonna capture this point, spam everything you got, it will hit someone for sure there.

Back yardEdit

Behind the houses laying in the western part of the island, lies a park where the last flag lies. Lots of trees and cover is around here (compared to the rest of the map) and about two or three cars spawns is here. There are three main entrances to this area; the two more open roads in the north and south and the central door that is slightly open.

Very isolated and rarely involved into fights. Get it as your backup spawn point in case you loose Outpost or Village.

Notable spotsEdit

  • In the castle there is a ladder that leads to a tower that gives a nice view of outpost and the middle of the map.
  • Also, there is a little castle behind the bigger one, where you can get with rocket launchers. If you want to see whole map you have to climb on a wall (in the little castle). That is also the highest map position.
  • The Royal and National starting points have hills, you can snipe from there.
  • The Outpost hill is a fair sniping spot with some cover, but other heros can easly come and kill you if you aren´t careful.
  • If you are a Commando with Troop Traps, you can get into the "Unclimbable tower" in the Castle - put your Troop Trap in the higher stairs facing the tower, shoot it and you will get up there because of the boom - if you are lucky. Else you will fly over it and hit the ground outside the castle.
  • At one of the edges of the Castle, near the outpost, there is a part of a broken tower that have falled and opened a hole in it, providing good cover when you want to get out of fire a while.


It's a very convenient place for camping. The walkable towers give much cover while the battlement opens various possibilities to keep the enemies away. May it be Grenade Spam to clear the Outpost and Village, some well placed Troop Traps on the stairs or a Gunner protecting the archways by waiting for an innocent player walking through.

Counters are to do an Explosive Jump on the walls, sneak in through the sidehole or shoot them down with a Sniper Rifle. Best tactical solution is to capture their spawn point while they camp in the towers.

Destroyed TowerEdit

It's close to the Outpost next to the castle. It's great for a short-term cover as a Commando or a flanking Soldier, but turns out as a death trap in case you wait too long.


Beautiful piece of art, having no other use than making crossing the town square somehow safer. It is possible to end up ontop of the statue with a well placed rocket or Grenade jump.


There are 6 in total on the map and they are the only ways to get from the spawns to the center island without swimming. 4 are stone arch bridges and 2 are rope ones. The stone bridge on the royal side near backyard has a small spot where one can get stuck if they do not look where they are going.




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