Gunner using Frenzy Fire

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"Increase your MG accuracy to focus fire on a single target while healing yourself a % of your total HP for every 4th hit."

Frenzy Fire is a Gunner ability that increases the accuracy of Machine Gun rounds by narrowing them into a straight line for a limited time. It also gives Gunners partial health gain on every 4th hit. The higher the ability, the more health the gunner acquires on the 4th hit and the more narrowed the bullets path becomes. It's used normally for passive attacks

Frenzy Fire is useful for light healing and taking on targets at greater range. The Frenzy Fire ability is very helpful even at close range though. When confronted with a couple of enemies, you can use this to gain a little bit of extra health to stay in the fight longer. Not only that, but you'll be able to get every shot into the enemy's body, meaning for a quicker kill for you and less of a problem. It's also useful for scoped Machine Guns - the scope is normally very unreliable, sending out a wide, inaccurate spray of bullets, but this ability increases the accuracy so that you can take out faraway threats with surgical precision, just like a Commando.

Royal Frenzy Fire 2055.png 2060.png National Frenzy Fire
Level 1/5 2/5 3/5 4/5 5/5
Accuracy Bonus 1 2 3 4 5
Amount Healed 4% / 4 hits 5% / 4 hits 6% / 4 hits 7% / 4 hits 8% / 4 hits
Refresh Time 23 20 17 14 10
Duration 10
  • Accuray Bonus: Bonus 1 means the deviation is reduced by 0.1; Bonus 2 reduces the deviation by 0.2 and so on. The Cheeser has a deviation of 1.5 by default for example. With 5/5 FF it's only 1.0!


  • Frenzy Fire's healing properties were introduced as part of the Gunner boost with the Heroes Of The Fall Update on the 2nd of the 10th 2009.
  • Incidentally, using Frenzy Fire emulates Team Fortress 2, which Heroes was accused of knocking off before its release. More specifically, the Medic class' Blutsauger, a weapon that heals its user on a hit with an enemy, and the scrapped Ludmilla, which would have operated almost identically to Frenzy Fire (minus the accuracy boost).
  • Pre-RR Update, the ability instead offered a boost in damage output. This was probably removed to balance the ability, as being more accurate, doing more damage and healing the user would have created an overpowered ability that would work in just about any situation.


  • This is a useful skill when combined with the short range MG in close range combat. Level 5 is widely considered by many to be very overpowered.