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PunkBuster Admins can stream their server logs in real time to another location. Non-profit organizations like Anti-Cheat Inc, Airdale Ops Network, GGC Stream, PunksBusted, PBBans and AASA are examples of groups that use this feature to create shared banlists for their members.

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How it worksEdit

The anti cheat software Punkbuster scans the client of each player connected to the protected server for detected hacks. If comes to a detection, this Punkbuster cancels the connection to the server.

Unfortunately this player is able to restart the client without hacks immediatly, allowing him to rejoin any game he likes to.

The GGC extension logs all PB kicks and bans on the enabled server and sends it to the global GGC data center. From this time on, the hacker is marked banned by GGC. He won't be able to join any GGC enabled server again, as it checks every player joining for a GGC and PB ban.

Hackers can be caught manually with evidence as well. Solid PBSS evidence can lead to a fast ban. In difference to Punkbuster GGC is hold by a private community, so hackers are banned with less bureaucracy, on the other hand unguilty players suffer under false accusations

A very nice feature is the "GGC ban alert", means the extension shouts out every new ban on all enabled servers as admin message.


Currently only private server renters can run GGC on their servers, EAsy stated they will look into the possibility of streaming to this services, with no current ETA.


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