Grenade Launcher Jumps can only be done with the Grenade Launcher and can be done with all Classes. All that needs to be done is have the Grenade Launcher and shoot a certain amount of grenades on the ground (ranging from one to six, with six making you go sky high and one giving you a small jump). This is extremely useful to all classes, Soldiers and Commandos especially because before the Grenade Launcher, Soldiers couldn't get up on top of building easily and Commandos could only get up by putting a valuable hero point on Troop Trap.


Commando TacticsEdit

A popular Commando technique is to put six grenades on the ground, get blasted up and parachute down while sniping at your enemies. This is extremely effective because it is hard to countersnipe you and shoot you because you are going down unlike regular sniping. This is also effective because you're generally far away it's hard for your enemies to follow you once you hit the ground. Also great at anti-infantry because throwing a bunch of grenades at the ground and having a knfing Commando or enemy jump on them is a great tactic since the grenades do massive amounts of damage to infantry.

Soldier TacticsEdit

If you're soldier, then the Grenade Launchers can have many uses. As forementioned it is great at getting to new heights since before Soldiers couldn't get very high easily by themselves. Now, the role of the Soldier has changed since he can now be found at higher elevations and isn't so restricted to the ground. The Grenade Launcher is also great in the hands of a good Soldier because of it's minor anti-tank and anti-infantry.


  • Grenades are powerful but they have a timer of around 1-3 seconds so Leg It, Blasting Strike or Elixir can be helpful as well as just absorbing the grenades with I Eat Grenades if there is no opportunity of running.
  • Grenades Have begun to take the role of anti-tank since they can be spammed at tanks for light damage doing as much as 8-10 damage per direct hit.
  • These weapons were part of the Punk Heroes update where The Tier 3 long range shotguns and the Tier 3 Uzi's came out as well as new costumes and the first ever female hero sets.
  • Grenade Launchers are becoming known for spamming places with grenades from a safe location (e.g. on Coastal Clash players on the high cliff will spam grenades on enemies at lookout flag and enemies will not be able to directly fire back because of the arc of the Grenade Launcher).

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