Over Halloween 2012 those completely new style modeled arms were put in the store over time. The unique aspect of these weapons is different, halloween stlyed crosshair.


Icon Pilfered
Description Type Specification
3297.png Empty Item Icon Arcus Root Sniper Rifle Moderate Range
Moderate Speed
3300.png Empty Item Icon Bending Bone
3301.png Empty Item Icon Underworld Relic Machine Gun Moderate Range
Moderate Speed
3303.png Empty Item Icon Cryptic Hex
3302.png Empty Item Icon Jack-o'-buster Rocket Launcher Anti-Vehicle
3304.png Empty Item Icon Doom Skull
3299.png Empty Item Icon Demonic Charge Shotgun Short Range
Very Fast Speed
3298.png Empty Item Icon Impure Energy


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Halloween Bazooka Mission Royal
Halloween Bazooka Mission National
  • There were special missions on Jack-o-buster and Doom Skull, wich required 500 (and later 300) kills with rented version to get a permanent one. If player done this whitin time period, he could actually profit from the challenge, because he could get permanent version for less funds. The launcher itself was reskin, but very expensive one when it comed to forever version (5999 Funds). There was said that those who completed challenge by getting 500 instead of 300 would get a bonus reward, but it's unknown if have been that reward provided.


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