The Riverside Rush update, also known as the "Heroes of the Fall" update, was released on the 30th of September 2009 and brought with it, among other things, the 5th map to the game, Riverside Rush. It also introduced the Dapper and Stylish Weapon series as well as the Gunner revamp which altered the Hero Shield, Frenzy Fire and Explosive Keg abilities. Other notable changes include the introduction of ranks and bundles as well as zombie and skeleton outfits.

  • A new map called Riverside Rush!
  • New items and bundles
  • The End of Round Screen now shows your total HP, VP, BF and XP!
  • You will now get Assist Kill credit for kills you were a large part of, but where you didn't do the final damage
  • Added a new system for selecting server locales for situations where ping failed. Now you can set your region on the update profile on the website. Should fix lag problems for quite some people
  • You now gain ranks starting at level 10; your title appears under your nametag and on your hero profile
  • When you receive health or repair a vehicle, the HUD will now tell you how much on the icons themselves
  • Vehicle against other vehicle collisions should now feel better
  • Removed fire delay when entering a tank
  • Tweaked the nametags a bit so they should be more readable and appear in more natural situations
  • Piercing Shot no longer allows for critical hits
  • Hero Shield is now shared with nearby friends
  • Frenzy now returns some health to the wielder
  • Keg explosion now slows its victims
  • Shiny new guns! Well the same weapons but just re-skinned! Dapper weapons for Royals, and Stylish Weapons for Nationals!

Chapter IEdit

Heroes Of The Fall Chapter 1

Chapter IIEdit

Heroes Of The Fall Chapter 2

Chapter IIIEdit

Heroes Of The Fall Chapter 3


Machinima Of The Fall

Next UpdateEdit

This update was followed by the infamous Winter Armistice. You can find more in the Open Beta.