KodyStokes Original

The original post. Thanks to MattyG for taking this.

Kodystokes was an average player in Closed Beta. However, at one point he made a post in the bugs section of the forums reporting a bug that said his 'kill streak' was not displaying properly. Being a Battlefield game and not Call of Duty, there are no killstreaks. There were also other references to hacks. It was evident that Kodystokes was hacking/had hacked, and had reported himself on the forums (During closed beta, that was acceptable).


The term 'pulling a kodystokes' or suchlike is now used to refer to anyone who unintentionally presents themselves in a negative light on the forums or publically, such as posting a video of noobbashing or a video of themselves hacking and presenting it as legitimate gameplay.


  • As of 23th December 2013, there were 3.170 search results on google using the term " kodystokes", meaning he has been mentioned a few thousand times on the official forums.


  1. Official Kodystroke Group
  2. Latest interview with the legendary kodystokes himself (4/11/2010)
  3. Where the legend was born (Deleted)
  4. Kodystokes Forgotten?

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