The maximum effective range of this knife is 4 (super/uber 5) metres. It has a velocity of 10 m/s multiplied by 0.2 seconds to live, this makes 2 metres withing the shot must hit. If so, the invisible "bullet" explodes and deals additional damage to all victims within 2 (super/uber 3) metres.

Konrad's Knife Edit



Konrad's Knife Edit

The ingame mesh and skin of Konrad's Knife is the same as the Royal Knife. That's why there's no stolen/pilfered version for both of them. For a strange reason the icon displays the Uber Knife, but the icon hasn't changed since Closed Beta. Much likely there has been a mistake in the standard Konrad's Knife code, that the royal mesh was used. Later they simply took the unused standard as uber version.

Konrad's Stylish Knife Edit

Konrad's Uber KnifeEdit

The behaviour of this knife is more like a sword, the increased range and damage makes it one of the most effective Commando weapons.

Tactics and PlaystylesEdit

Anti-Air Gun Crossair This weapon has identical or major analogic behaviour to Royal Knife. Tactics, guides, playstyles and tips can be found over there and apply 1:1 here. To avoid redundant text and the need of updating each seperate page in case of changes, the current article won't include tactics and such.

If you disagree with this policy and/or have a better solution leave a comment here.

Model and SoundEdit

This knife has been the template for the Throwing Knife Widget.

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