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Bfh - Last Team Standing first impressions08:51

Bfh - Last Team Standing first impressions

Video showing several rounds of this gamemode on PTE. Made by uberresque123.

Team Elimination is the fourth official gamemode released. The point of this gamemode is to kill the whole enemy team, and the biggest difference is that players cannot respawn during match.

Team Elimination, was a gamemode released on PTE at 1st of November 2013, and made official on the 5th of December.

Gameplay & RulesEdit

Each side starts at it's spawn and cannot move until the round starts. The time before the round starts is displayed on each player's screen.

Each Round is separated to matches. To win this gamemode, team must first reach three points. If one side kills every enemy a point adds to that side and match is ended, continuing after several seconds. There are no points or flags like in Team Deathmatch. If rounds ends with tie, a point is awarded to the team who get the first strike. After 1:00 passes on clock, players can see each other enemy Commando's nametags (prevention against stalemates caused by stealth abuse).


  • 1000 Experience Points for winning a round
  • 3 Valor Point Small for surviving in a round


The following maps are available


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