Leg it

A National Gunner using Leg It

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"Increase your run speed"

Leg It allows Gunners to increase their run speed for a short duration of time. This ability is the gunner's main defence against knifing commandos (however, a Commando's Elixir is slightly faster than a Gunner's Leg It) and also makes the gunner himself a harder target to hit. Leg It and Hero Shield are the only gunner abilities that can be shared with nearby teammates.

Royal Leg It 2091.png National Leg It
Level 1/5 2/5 3/5 4/5 5/5
Duration 4 5 7 9 12
Refresh Time 15 15 13 13 10
Radius 10
Speed Increase 10% (Commando)
20% (Soldier)
40% (Gunner)


  • Since this ability is a Gunner's main defense against knifing Commandos and can be shared with teammates, it is recommended to keep this ability at high levels (3 or 5 because of the refresh time increments).
  • Two Gunners with a high level of Leg It can keep sharing Leg it with each other as soon as the other one's has worn off. Doing this they can keep running at Leg It speed indefinitely. This is called a Leg It Train.
  • Because many Gunners use a combination of Cheeser/Bone-Chewer (Short-range/Long-range) MGs, Leg it is a key ability to close the gap or gain some distance to get into the sweet spot of the respective gun's range.
  • The temporary speed boost also excels in 'Capture the Flag' maps, because it allows Gunners to quickly gain those valuable few meters to and from the enemys' flagpole. In order to use the ability to its full potential, you should seek cover near the flag until your Leg-it is ready again and then try to get the flag in one sweep. (e.g. on Lunar Landing, you can wait around the corner on base entrance)
  • On Lunar Landing, Leg it is also mandatory to make the jump over the first rift before each base.