Lunar Landing (LL) is the 11th Battlefield Heroes map. Lunar Landing is an infantry map set in a messy landing zone of National and Royal spacecraft, on the moon. It is the first map to feature alternative gravity, with increased jump height and slowed fallspeed. There is neither fall damage nor parachutes.

Pre-launch conspiracyEdit

The release of Lunar Landing was preceded by the Scientists and Robots updates, which served as teasers as for what was to come. Several hints were given out, and some users were quick to pick up the lead. Most notable was the Moon Map theory thread, managed by TPangolin.

Hint 1: The Scientists TrailerEdit

Battlefield Heroes - The Scientists have arrived!02:03

Battlefield Heroes - The Scientists have arrived!

The Scientist trailer

The first trailer of what was to become a series, it differed in structure from previous update trailers. Instead of serving simply as a build up to the new customization items, the trailer takes the form of a Royal newscast, insulting the scientific competence of National scientists, whilst also boasting the success of the Royal inventors.............

In the final moments of the trailer, a National Soldier is seen tied (with a single rope) onto a V2 Vengeance rocket which is then launched into space, as the broadcaster mentions that the National Space effort is "miles behind the Royal Space Program", and that a minimum of two ropes are required for a safe launch. All in all, this trailer serves to present rivalry between the two factions not only in warfare but in scientific research. This suggests a race to the moon between Royals and Nationals.

Hint 2: Notice boards on HotH mapsEdit

Notice Board Scientific Breakthrough

The notice board

These notice boards[2][3] can be found on all V2 Vengeance maps. "Royals about to enter the space" - Sounds like universe environment - a satellite, a comet, the milky way itself or the moon.

Hint 3: Cain's Community CornerEdit

Review the video at Cain's Community Corner.

TPangolin wrote:
In Cain's Community Corner Episode one we saw Pim Holfve (Starfighter) say that we will find out why the Nationals and Royals are fighting over the Rockets. Like the Americans and the Russians one can deduce that this can only mean a Space Race.
This appears to be confirmed by the notice boards mentioned previously.

Hint 4: Interview with Pim HolveEdit

In an interview with Pim Holfve[4], Pim said that they were then working on two new maps, one of which he described as "awesome". Because of this, it was speculated that he wasn't just talking about a conversion, but a completely new map, one that would be somewhat different from what had previously been created.

TPangolin wrote:
Now, indoor maps in BFH will never work due to the advent of Blasting Strike map so that rule out a Space Station Map. This really can only mean that there will be a map on the lovely natural satellite that is THE MOON.

Hint 5: Alliance with MartiansEdit

The Royal newspaper [5][6] includes an article about how an alliance with the Martians could be the motive behind the National Space effort. If this is why the Heroes are attempting space travel, it would suggest that the final goal is to land on their planet. In that case, the Moon would very likely serve as a milestone on the way.

Hint 6: The Robots TrailerEdit

Battlefield Heroes - The Robots are here!02:06

Battlefield Heroes - The Robots are here!

Robots trailer

The Robots trailer features a National newscast and continues in a similar tune to the Scientists trailer. Presenting the Royal attempt at discrediting the National scientific progress as "laughable", the very existence of the Royal Space program is then claimed to "only exist at all because they keep stealing our rockets!". Further playing on the tune of a Space race, it is then announced that National Spies have sabotaged the Royal Space program by stealing the "second rope" that the Royal scientists boasted about in the previous trailer, effectively setting their progress "back by years".

In the final segment of the newscast, the scientists say that it is time to "set our goals even higher". Several Nationauts are shown drifting about in space, suggesting that launches have become more 'successful' than previously, as the newscasts continues on about increasing the number of troops that could be sent into space by replacing front line troops with robots. At this point, it became clear that whatever was about to come next, it would be set in space. It turned out to be Lunar Landing.

Capture the FlagEdit

National BaseEdit

National TrenchesEdit

Left FlankEdit

Midfield CratersEdit

The Craters are one of the few covers from snipers, and also serves as great ambush place. Usually, you can earn Volley Shots there easily. It's also the most contested part of Lunar Landing, with easy access from all sides. Faction that controls this place will be most likey under constant pressure, due to value of the craters cover.

Midfield TrenchEdit

The trench is sneaky place that is often outside the battlefield, but it's preffered by commandos who stole flags. Anyone in is in high danger, because there is absolutely no cover. Upper trench is located over high moon mountain, and it's mid-contested place. Both left and right flank goes into this open location with serveral stones and shuttles as small cover. This is the general area for quick capture focused team, as it provides raither easy escapes.

Right FlankEdit

Royal TrenchesEdit

Royal BaseEdit

Notable SpotsEdit

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2012-04-19 HeroesAreOnTheMoon crop

The newsletter regarding Lunar Landing

  • The physics applied to this map differ from normal behaviour in a huge manner. For example the gravity is much lower, but you still move with the same acceleration and movement on horizontal axis. Like in water less force can be applied to the ground, therefore the horizontal repulsion should be smaller.
  • Lunar Landing is currently the only CTF map that doesn't have a capturable respawn point.


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