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(golden) M16-203 Battle RifleEdit

Alternate FireEdit

The Battlerifle is for Soldier (SMG) has 36 bullet that shoots 3 bullet burst, There is also a underslung grenade launcher that recharges every 2 seconds.The price of the weapon is 7199 funds.The weapon is good at medium range But has a very high recoil.

Golden Battle-RifleEdit

Golden version of this rifle was released during Civil War update as top up gift. It works exactly same as normal Battle-Rifle, but is in style of 2010 Golden weapons rather than 2012 ones.

Tactics and PlaystylesEdit

BFH - Range Test M16-203 AK74-3001:24

BFH - Range Test M16-203 AK74-30

Use at close range for maximum effect. The Grenade Launcher can be fired while shooting regular bullets aswell, allowing the Battle Rifle to burst down a single enemy quickly.

Direct hits with the Grenade on target do much more damage than the splash from the explosion. Hitting these is vital in close range combat. Kills from direct hits may also result in the 'Ballistic' Heroic Moment.

The Battle Rifle outranges the Short-range/Fast shooting SMGs (like M16/AK-74, etc) in mid-range combat, allowing the player to apply Burning Bullets from afar or simply poking from a distance without much retaliation.

The gun has a recoil which may take time to adjust to. This makes mid-range shooting harder, but is less of an issue in close combat. It may not look like much in videos, but it becomes more of a factor the farther away the target is.

Continuous fire is possible, but requires some sort of feeling for the Rifles' rhythm, due to the 3-round burst. You will need to click repeatedly with both Mouse buttons (left for Bullets, right for Grenades) and clicking at the wrong time may result in no bullets fired. (Pretty similar to BF3's burst-fire weapons.)

The Grenades deal 1 - 12 damage to Tanks and add a little knock-up effect to soldiers when standing on them.

In spite of its high damage output in very close-range, the Battle Rifle is inferior to Cheeser Gunners up close, so blasting them away is still necessary. Similarly, you won't outsnipe any Commandos on very long range, so staying close to mid range is best.

Once the recoil and continuous fire is mastered, it is a versatile gun that will catch some enemies off guard.

Model and SoundEdit

It's a well known M16 with an attached grenade launcher. The sound is more realistic and directed to other modern warefare shooters with it's three round burst.

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