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Short Range Machine guns such as The Backscrather and The Cheeser are the powerful rifles with a high rate of fire and a high damage output at short-range. Though weakened over range, these rapid-fire weapons can deal large amounts of damage to multiple targets in a short amount of time.


Ideally the player should assault groups of players from behind with this gun. Using "Leg It" to circumnavigate the enemies flank the player can assult parties from behind even when out-numbered. At high level "Leg It" and "Frenzy Fire", the player can quickly pin down enemies at short range focussing on enemies one at a time. Once the players health begins to drop when taking return fire, the player can use Frenzy Fire to gain an accuracy, critical chance and health boost to quickly dispatch enemies one-by-one. The accuracy gained from "Frenzy Fire" is most useful on these weapons, as the weapons key downfall is it's accuracy. Players who fancy "Frenzy Fire" generally use these Short Range weapons.

Gunner's using the "Leg It", "Frenzy Fire", "SR LMG" set-up should be wary of soldiers with blasting strike, this can be devastating to a gunner who is often blasted into far away corners unable to take advantage of the SR advantage, whilst also becoming a target.

Gunner's using this build should avoid directly rushing the enemy as they can be quickly mown down by other heroes with stronger ranged weaponary. This tactic can still be effective even if the enemy knows of the player's approach, so long as the player retains the gunner's health advantage when coming into the fight. Using vehicles and air-drops as well as cover jumping are common tactics.


The stats are the same for all weapons excluding a slight difference between the tiers. They are just reskinned or availible as pilfered or stolen versions for the opposite faction.

Short Range Machine Guns
Tier Skin Weapon Description Pilfered
Tier 1 Standard 3036.png The Cheeser 3050.png
3035.png The Backscratcher 3053.png
Not availible
Tier 2 Super
3020.png The Super Cheeser 3048.png
3022.png The Uber Backscratcher 3060.png
Modern 3150.png Tier 1 Elite M249 No
3151.png Specialist's Tier 1 PKM No


Try to get close with Leg It and shoot them down with Frenzy Fire afterwards.


They are significantly enhanced with Frenzy Fire, giving the player a large advantage. Earlier in Battlefield Heroes' life this was compensated for as these guns had the smallest clip size of the Machine Guns - 90 rounds, versus their current 130 rounds.

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