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A National who has been 'Marked'

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"Receive points for designating enemy targets for your team."

Mark Target is the only Commando ability that is in any way "shared" and can be very useful in certain situations. It works a bit like the Sixth Sense ability for Soldiers, except that it also has the power to remove Stealth from a Commando. Mark Target will initially allow you to mark only 1 target, but when further upgraded, you can mark up to 3 targets at once.

Mark Target is very useful in revealing an enemy Commando to your teammates, additionally, it may also be used to mark Tanks, or other threats that your team is not aware of. This skill can be very useful in Midnight Mayhem, where marking an enemy Commando near the rocket helps keep it in your team's hands, and opens them up to the combined fire-power of your team's Gunners and Soldiers.

Not only can Mark Target be used to sniff out an enemy Commando, or to notify your teammates about an incoming Tank, Jeep, or Plane, but it can also serve as an experience booster. When a target is marked, you will receive an instant exp bonus towards damage done to that target. Bonus exp can vary from 2-8 points. Mark Target has one final trick, and that is, allowing you to spot targets who are low on health. When you use Mark Target, a colored number will appear on the target, in either white, or red. If the number is white, this means that the target has moderate health at the moment, and if the number comes up red, it means that the target has low health, and will serve as an easy and quick kill.


Royal Mark Target 2116.png 2121.png National Mark Target
Level 1/5 2/5 3/5 4/5 5/5
Marked Time 8 9 10 11 12
Marked Enemies 1 1 2 2 3
Refresh Time 15 15 13 13 10
Duration 1
  • Mark Target will cancel out all other duration abilities, such as Elixir, Poisoned Blade, or Piercing Shot, if used at the same time.
  • With Level 5 Mark Target, up to three enemies can be spotted at one time, tripling your experience gain.

Hints Edit

  • Mark Target is one of the best anti-commando abilities in the game, especially against knifing commandos.
  • In a fight, lure your opponent towards a group of allied soldiers before marking. Use it as a team ability to increase your team's situational awareness. Use it to identify a weakened opponent by abilty to view health percentage (MT3+). Target fire first at weakest opponent for effectivess or brief it via teamspeak.
  • The ability is most powerful at high points with clear sight range (like lighthouse at Seaside Skirmish, or windmill at Coastal Clash or church in Sunset Showdown). It's also useful to reveal the enemy off a plane/heli/tank/jeep after quickly switching seats with "F2/F3" and back to "F1". And by using the MGL to propell you to heights before marking at a high point.
  • Marking one under fire of high rate / low damage weapons like Cheeser or Eraser Ray, or a tank under plane attack, will gain (many) extra experience points due the scoring mechanism. Mark, when the heat is on. Also marking those affected by Burning Bullets, or Poisoned Blade, will gain extra experience points.
  • Marking is visible by a red arc on your feet, and audible by the bleep. Marking when an enemy faces you straight-on can -exactly- reveal your location: wait until he turns his back. Marking an enemy closeby could approximately reveal your distance. You will also reveal approximate location posibilities or distance if the enemy is covered on multiple sides.
  • Marking an (already visible) enemy will put a clear warning that a sniper is in sight range. He will seek cover against you. Use it carefully. The element of surprise is often worth more than 10 points of marking. In this case: better attack first, and then mark to not lose track.