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The current Matchmaker searches a game for you depending on the following factors:

  • Level
  • Data center
  • Pregame or not
  • Class limits on server

No dependencies on:

  • Own Class
  • Ping
  • Game Mode
  • specific maps

You won't be put in an unranked server.

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Playnow ButtonEdit

This button is the most common way to start a game. If clicked it starts the Match Maker. Beside that, it's used on the homepage as well:


The Play Now button

It is the big, yellow button that lets you enter the game client. Pressing the button is the only way to launch (start) the game, since trying to start it by using the application in your Battlefield Heroes folder will only redirect you to the Official Website.

BFH Match Making..

BFH Match Making...

Map FilterEdit

There's finally a map and game mode selector with version 1.78. Based on your choice it will send you there.[1] The infantry and vehicle preference was removed in return. This update didn't contribute to the issue that high level players were grouped to weak ones and the server location was often inappropriate.[2]

Class LimitsEdit

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Game update to version 1.108
In this update we have introduced some changes to matchmaking that we hope will improve not only your own experience but also allow server owners for example to better the experience for others too. Blow you will find some of the changes we have made to matchmaking.

First, we have added some rules for those who like using the Play Now button to find servers. We know from time to time Matchmaking likes to keep putting you back in the same server over and over and you might not want to play on it. This new rule will prevent that from happening as often.

If you leave or if you get kicked from a server shortly after joining it, matchmaking will ignore it the next time you hit the Play Now button. Furthermore it will actually ignore the last few servers you joined and left, and not just the first.

Second, We have tweaked matchmaking to be a little more lenient in regards to where it places players during off peak hours so that you are not put into empty servers as often.

And Last but not least, we have put a proper option in place for those who wish to limit classes on their servers. This provides players and server owners alike with a few benefits.

These rules are included in the matchmaking rules so there's no more joining servers only to get kicked because of a class limit. If the server owner sets their server up properly you will simply be matchmade into a server with an appropriate slot for you to fill.

Server owners can also entirely keep slots on their servers free that don't get filled by players joining only to get kicked by class limiters.

We urge all server owners employing class limits on their servers to start using these new options as soon as possible.

To activate these limits all you need to do is send the following commands to your server using any of the popular admin tools (AutoAdmin, XTIANRCON, Ness Manager Etc)

sv.setClassLimit X Y
X - 0 = Commando, 1 = Soldier, 2 = Gunner
Y - Number of a class allowed on server per team

So for example sv.setClassLimit 0 2 would mean that 2 Commandos per team are allowed on the server at any one time.


  • The first version of Match Maker connected Players to servers based on skill levels and their ELO.
  • Later versions trusted on favorite map type (infantry/vehicle) and level. This system was refined and somehow improved over years.


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