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Along the Haggard's Heroic and Kirilenko's Krafty Set, these weapons are part of a cross-promotion for Medal of Honor.

As soon as Medal of Honor : Warfighter was released another crosspromo resulted in Warfighter Shirts and new Warfighter Rifles.


Icon Pilfered
Description Type Specification
3150.png Empty Item Icon Tier 1 Elite M249 Machine Gun Short Range
Very Fast Speed
3151.png Empty Item Icon Specialist's Tier 1 PKM
3148.png Empty Item Icon Tier 1 Elite M16 Sub-Machine Gun Long Range
Slow Speed
3149.png Empty Item Icon Specialist's Tier 1 AK-74
3152.png Empty Item Icon Tier 1 Elite M-21 Sniper Rifles Very Long Range
Fast Speed
3153.png Empty Item Icon Specialist's Tier 1 SV-98
3295.png Empty Item Icon Royal Warfighter Sub-Machine Guns Moderate Range
Very Slow Speed
3296.png Empty Item Icon National Warfighter


Despite having a visual scope, the SMG's in this update do not have a functional zoom option. Some players are misguided by this.

The MG's in this update make the same sound as their Bad Company equivalents though the MG's in this update have a much higher rate of fire.


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