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War Room

The War Room

Battlefield Heroes - War Room Trailer02:40

Battlefield Heroes - War Room Trailer

War Room Trailer

The War Room (also known as Metagame or Theater of War) is a minigame layered on top of the actual game system in Battlefield Heroes.

The War Room was announced in the first Battlefield Heroes trailer[1], and was originally meant to be implemented in the long run, but wasn't added to the game until April 18th 2013. From numerous quotes before this date, EAsy developers had hinted that the metagame would eventually be added, but there were too many other important things to do first.[2][3]


War Room Beta Announcement

The War Room

War Room beta sign up

Beta sign-up

War Room Beta Invitation

Beta Invitation

War Room Beta End

War Room Beta ends

November 11, 2012, BFH producer Julien Dulioust announced that the Metagame had been put into production with an estimated release date around summer 2013.[4]

March 21, 2013, the Beta sign-up for "The War Room" begins.[5]

April 3, 2013, the first Beta Invites were sent out, and 2000 players were allowed to enter the closed beta.[6][7]

April 5, 2013, the next wave of beta invites were sent out, the exact number unknown.[8]

April 10, 2013, community manager Vitalbullet announced on Twitter that everyone who had signed up for the beta, would be given access to the War Room on the 11th.[9] Through a frontpage announcement the following day, it was clarified that anyone who now chose to sign-up for the War Room would be given immediate access, meaning the War Room was now technically in Open Beta.

April 18, 2013, the War Rooms beta phase reaches its end. Along with the full release came a number of new rewards including Treasure Chest Keys, medals, access to premium accounts and more.[10]

May 14, 2013, the factions on territories H7 and F2 were switched to form a battle line and adjusted scores needed for loots and rewards.[11]

July 23, 2013, Cut-off territories added to the war room.[12]

October 22, 2013, a small update to the behaviour of the Headquarters. Should the connection to the enemies HQ be lost, the HQ defences will no longer reset to 100%.[13]


The War Room can be accessed through the Battlefield Heroes webpage menu, where it's located under the 'the game' section (link).

Get startedEdit

War Room Tile To Attack Selection

Choose an adjacent tile to attack

  1. Choose your faction.
  2. Choose a friendly territory to attack from.
  3. Choose the territory to attack.
  4. When the territory battle is won/lost, choose a new tile to proceed. You can always switch your tiles, but at cost of lost points for the territory battle itself, resulting in lose of Battle loot.
  5. Once one of the factions has captured the enemy HQ, War loots are rewarded to players depending on their Battle Score pr. day.


War Room Flanking

Flanking the enemy territory adds an attack bonus, making it easier to capture.

Simply play the game. There are no specific servers where the war room takes place, but your score helps your chosen faction.

You gain score for:

  • Helping the team (Team efforts)
  • Dealing damage
  • Fulfilling game mode targets
  • Doing heroic moments
War Room Tank

The strength of the attacking/defending forces is represented by different icons.

How much your score influences the current battle depends on the surrounding tiles, the troops on your and the enemy tile and maybe some other currently unknown factors. In general though, the more people attacking or defending from the same territory, the more effective it is.

War Room Cut Off Territory

Cut off territories are more difficult to defend.

According to the help screen indicated with (?) a flanking bonus exists: If more than one territory attacks the same enemy territory, a flanking bonus is put on top of the attack points. The more surrounded the enemy is, the bigger the flanking bonus and the easier it is to capture the territory.

To prevent the enemy from advancing, you can cut off their supply lines by capturing the territories behind them and separating them from their HQ. This will make it very difficult for the enemy to keep up defences on those severed territories.

The HQ does not lose its progress even if connection is lost.


Battle loots are found as reward as soon as a single tile battle is over:

There are 4 levels (stars) that you can earn though gaining score on the tile:

[Updated on 1st June, 2013] There have been several modifications.

reward-metagame_battle-1.png reward-metagame_battle-2.png reward-metagame_battle-3.png reward-metagame_battle-4.png
Level 1 Star 2 Stars 3 Stars 4 Stars
Battle score 100> 12000 30000 ~70500*
Battle Loot
20 VP 40 VP 80 VP
5 Supreme Bandages
160 VP
5 Tonics
Battle Loot
50 VP 100 VP
10 Supreme Bandages

200 VP
10 Tonics

400 VP
10 Pocket Tanks

You are rewarded with war loots if one session of the war room is over. There are four reward levels:

reward-metagame_war-basic.png reward-metagame_war-bronze.png reward-metagame_war-silver.png reward-metagame_war-gold.png
Level Iron Bronze Silver Gold
Avg. score/day + territory bonus 0 ~1000


18500 or higher
Supply Drop 200 VP 300 VP
1 Key
500 VP
2 Keys
1 Day Premium
Supply Drop 500 VP
1 Key
1000 VP
2 Keys
2000 VP
4 Keys
2 Days Premium

War TrophiesEdit

These are the medals and other items, that were part of the victory rewards (see above) in earlier campaigns.

Season 1
10170.png 10171.png 10172.png 10173.png 10174.png 10175.png 10176.png
10177.png 10178.png 10179.png 10180.png 10181.png 10182.png 10183.png

Season 2
I Halloween
10347.png 10394.png 10419.png 10348.png 10349.png 10350.png 10351.png 10352.png 10353.png 10483.png
I Halloween
10354.png 10395.png 10420.png 10355.png 10356.png 10357.png 10358.png 10359.png 10360.png 10489.png

Season 3
I II III IV V VI Halloween
10492.png 10493.png 10494.png 10495.png 10496.png 10497.png 10546.png Unpublished
I II III IV V VI Halloween
10499.png 10500.png 10501.png 10502.png 10503.png 10504.png 10545.png Unpublished



  • Before the War Room was announced, Ex-mod Blackwyn kept reviving the hope for an implementation of the metagame in every single thread about future update predictions.
  • The leaderboard update has quite much similarity with the metagame indicator.
  • The first closed beta campaign in the War Room was won by the Nationals.
  • The first open beta campaign in the War Room was won by the Royals.
  • The first Medal release campaign was won by Nationals.
  • A similar game concept called "@War" was created by Pedro, the creator of Autoadmin. It can be played on servers with Autoadmin enabled.[14]
  • The Third War campaign of season 1 was a Tie due to Headquarters capture bug, and a short period after that War Room was closed. Both factions received Winning War Rewards as compensation.
  • Winter 2013 war was yet the only war that hasn't included a medal.



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