The Mk1 Bad Boy was introduced during the Vehicle Mayhem, and is one of the first sniper rifles in the game meant for providing anti-armor support.

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The Mk1 Bad Boy works like a regular sniper rifle, but fires one shell per mag, and has a massive recoil. It is meant for anti-armor, providing moderate to significant damage on tanks, jeeps and aircraft. It's not recommended for firing at infantry, because of its single shot per mag. It does however give commandos a new method of performing anti-vehicle damage.

Due to the low ammo capacity, low damage against infantry and 3.8 second reload this weapon will not fit an aggressive style of play. Instead the Mk1 Bad Boy is more for vehicle maps against armor in a supportive gameplay style.


The weapon is capable of dealing between 25 and 40 damage to tanks, depending on impact location (shooting the treads and the rear will do more damage than other sections). The sniper rifle deals on average 40 damage to planes, 30 damage to jeeps, and consistently 40 damage to infantry. (Note: while this weapon has a headshot damage bonus, it is noticeably less than its other sniper counterparts, with the bonus only at around 10-15 extra damage.)



  • The Mk1 Bad Boy is based off the Boys (Stanchion) anti-tank rifle, which was introduced to the British army in 1937, but were soon limited in use, because of the improvement of tanks since the outbreak of the war.
  • Most troops disliked the weapon due to the massive recoil along with the noise and heavy muzzle blast causing bruised necks and shoulders.
  • The Boys Rifle was sometimes mounted on vehicles such as the Universal Carrier ("Bren Gun Carrier") and the Standard Beaverette armoured car.
  • The Boys rifle is supposed to work as a five-shot bolt action rifle, but for balancing purposes, EA made it a single shot weapon.
  • The rifle was never fired as a free weapon (that is not affixed to a support) except in emergencies.

  • The rifle was used best when a tank was stopped and not at motion.

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