Modding is not allowed by the TOS and you risk not being able to play the game anymore due the following issues:

  1. You edited your gamefiles and made no backup. You can't play with modded files online, so any changes made in the files will prevent you from connecting to a server. If you are concerned don't spam the forum, just re-install the game and all is fine.
  2. You got banned:
    1. for gaining unfair advantage with modding: The possibilty to cheat with modified game files was lucky removed due MD5 checksums.
    2. for unproper spoiling upcoming/unreleased content out of unintended information source like the game files.

New upcoming stuff is not allowed on the official forums anymore, people posting any unreleased stuff on the official forums risk a forum ban.

Testing environmentEdit

As known there's no option to play the game offline, even the tutorial mode requires internet access. The only place to test modified stuff is the tutorial mode, because it creates a local single player server. Multiplayer tests are not possible.

Of course there were some tries for workarounds:

  • Porting Heroes over to the the BF2 engine. It takes very long but is possible and in the works.
  • Connecting to a local "tutorial" server. Impossible, you cannot connect to local server due the lack of LAN mode.
  • Modding an active online server. Possible but the trusted partners don't give FTP access to the renters.
  • Setting up a BFH freeshard. Even if you got the latest server game files, which aren't given out, others can't connect to this server. BFH doesn't feature connecting to a specific IP and bookmark links are only given out to trusted partners.


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