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'Our projekts are being too wunderbar!, we all will travel to the moon and victory will be ours!... UNTIL ZE ROYALZ WONT STOP STEALING FROM US!!'

-Dr. Doktor

The National Space Program is a event that occurs on the Battlefield Heroes world, it starts when the famous Dr. Doktor has the idea to make several Wonder Weapons and widgets, but all of them fail, until the Royals stole their projects and succeed to repair them and create super-soldiers and power suits, the National Homeland decided to make an army of robots to battle them, however, the Royals stole the projects again and modified their robot army, until the both factions decide to make a robot-war, which will count for who will be on the moon.

The winner will be both of them, as the BFH forums said, it also might be added a space map after the event ends

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